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interesting stuff regarding water
November 19, 2006

This month's letter includes:

crystals and water properties
Water filtration through reverse osmosis - whats it good for?

Firstly we'll start with a letter from Angie, one of our helpful advisors on CTCH who sent a great tip on making your water taste much better, and healthier for you too. It makes for a good read : ) Thanks Angie

Dear David,

Want to know a little secret???????

Well what I do, is place some crystals, ie. rose quartz, clear quartz, and smokey quartz at the bottom on my glass jug.. then I fill it with spring water and let it sit overnight in the fridge... the crystals change the structure of the H2O to bring it closer to its original state.. you try it, it tastes so so so sweet!!!!!!! Then I just keep refilling the jug overnight (it requires at least 10 hours to change the structure) ... Alternatively just get your hands on some bottled FIJI WATER, its hard to get, mostly at organic supply shops, it contains natural silicae and minerals straight from the earths springs.

With regards to the crystals.... you can buy them at any 'hippie/gypsy shops' or most natural therapy shops, the markets, most alternative practices use their energies, not sure in your area but try searching the net, ebay sells them.. but be careful and make sure to soak them in sea salt or wash them in the ocean prior to using them to recharge their energies :)

Now here is the quote, straight from one of my favourite books WATER AND SALT, THE ESSENCE OF LIFE by DR. MED. BARBARA HENDEL AND PETER FERREIRA you can use ;

Water Revitalization with Quartz Crystals.

A natural, very effective and inexpensive method to revitalize your drinking water is to use quartz crystals. Simply place a handful of quartz crystals, such as clear quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz or amethyst in a glass decanter or jar. Fill the container iin the evening with filtered or purified tap water or artesian spring water that you purchased in a bottle. Fill with only as much as you intend to drink the following day and let it sit for at least eight hours. Measurements have shown that the surface tension of crystal soaked water reaches values similar to those as from reenergizing devices. The hexagonal structure of the quartz crystals can nearly rearrange the flexible structure of water to its original makeup. Oftentimes, simple quartz sand is used in the pricey energizing devices. Too ,crystals cannot remove the toxins from the water, they will only help the water to restore its crystalline structure.

David, when you taste the water the next day, you immediately notice the sweetness of it, I am addicted lol I have never been able to drink tap water as I can smell the chlorine and taste the toxins (that metalic like taste) and there is no sweetness whatsoever !

Here are some good sites for further info on crystals.....

Is reverse osmosis water of any use to the human system?

In order to clarify a point in respect to water passed through areverse osmosis filtration system I called upon the expertise of Heith Hodges of Aquasana. Here was his reply "That is correct. It removes all the natural trace minerals turning the water supply acidic and aggressive. This will cause the water to begin to strip minerals from your body making your body acidic as well". Thanks for that advice Heith. So in conclusion there R.O. is not good for home purification systems.

R.O. systems are very beneficial as it will remove all organic/inorganic material from the water supply, thus making it totally `sterile', which is fine though for industry where water purity is omnipotent plus it is the main process through which seawater is `desalinated'.

"Healthiest Drinking Water On Earth" -We Guarantee It!"


See you next month

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