A Personal Message

How do we define optimal health and wellness? It's borders can get blurred at times, and even though we attempt to keep well and have our best interests at heart on this topic sometimes we fall short of the mark. Especially living in our 21st century world and the demands it puts on us as individuals when other areas of our lives seem to get higher priority.

Getting back to the question asked at the beginning. The modern medical model defines health as simply a lack of disease, this clearly is an over simplified statement I would say since one only has to look around at the evidence at hand. A person can be unfit yet still healthy (according to this ideal); and what of mind or spiritual disorders, does this constitute good health also?

Wellness can be clearly identified as not just a mere lack of disease but correct physiological functioning (as is inherent in nature), this of which must include mind, body and spirit. We were meant to function correctly. We as humans are the pinnacle of billions of years of evolutionary creation of the universe at large here on planet Earth. Putting it bluntly nature does not design and produce garbage, it never has, nor indeed it ever will. I truly believe life is a gift and the best investment anyone can make is in themselves, in all personal arenas of our existence. By doing so all else will fall into place when the `self' is in order.

Cell to cell health will not provide all answers to a topic as monumental as health and wellness but merely act as a stepping stone. Hopefully though it will be able to make a contribution that is noteworthy and help others on the pathway to find the answers they seek. However by following the basic guidelines such as Mindfulness, passion and purpose, giving thought to good nutrition, exercise, sleep and devoid yourself of harmful additions, then I believe then we are on our way to living a purposeful, meaningful and happy life. On this never ending journey I wish you all the best.

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