Through the Lens

A new groundswell is beginning to emerge. A paradigm shift from a long dominant drug based mentality to that of a more holistic approach to our wellbeing. This is nothing new of course, natural healing practices have been nurtured for centuries by eastern cultures. The only difference now being is that our present science is beginning to explain the mechanics and methodology of these arts to precision. Now the western world harbours an army of such advocates
embracing the alternative or complimentary reformation.

The health and wellness field is as wide as it is varied. Encompassing practitioners who in turn embellish and promote lifestyle changes hopefully for the betterment of all concerned. In this forthcoming video series we shall take an up close and personal look at those who believe that our well established foundation of a drug based approach society needs a paradigm correction shift.

Yuri Orlow N.D. Dip.T - What is classical homeopathy? - 10/2/2007
Nobuhiko Iwasaki - Japanese acupuncture - 9/3/2007
Rupneet Singh (Gabby) - Ayurveda: Knowledge of life - 12/3/2007
Diann Beitz - Massage: The power of touch - 15/3/2007
Sifu Marc Webster - Ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan - 17/4/2007
Andrea Jetzer M.I.F.A. - Aromatherapy: The important sense of smell - 23/5/2007
Peta Barlow - Thought Field Therapy 12/6/07
Lucia Shwarczova - Personalised fitness programmes - 1/7/07
Dagmar Ganser ND - Nutrition basics - 13/7/07
Janice Rose - Crystal light therapy and the energising power of light - 23/7/07
Peter Chripczuk - Myofascial release therapy - 7/8/07
Narelle Duncan - Iridology: a window to your state of health - 3/11/07
Cassi Cowlam ND - Applied Naturopathy - 13/11/07
Deborah Calleja, Peter Carter and Terese Thomas - Osteopathy explained - 18/11/07
Annmaree Miller ATMS, AIMA, ACNEM, QNC - Herbal Medicine - 22/11/07
Terence M. Carfrae - Metabolic Typing - 20/12/07
Kym Atkinson - Colon Hydrotherapy - 8/4/08
Darren Scheuner DC BCAO - Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractics - 18/4/08
Kim White - The Practice of Yoga - 22/4/08
Dr. Andreas Marzini ND AMD M.D. (M.A.) BAc DN DHOM DH RT - Biomesotherapy - 24/6/08
Jan Hanily - Allergy testing - 13/7/08
Renae Haydock - Sports Nutrition - 19/7/08
Mark Gearing Ba Hlth Sci Ac - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Q & A - 28/7/08
Lina Markham Dip Aroma - Aromatherapy in pregnancy - 25/8/08
Dr. Thomas Bige MD ND - Detoxification and Health Education - 5/9/08
Dr. Thomas Bige MD ND - Preconception Care and Fertility - 7/10/08

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