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Dr. Thomas Bige MD ND

What exactly is a `Bonesmith' and what are their origins?

‘Bonesmith’ is the English translation of the Hungarian traditional title of ‘Csontkovacs’, which was owned by a few master-healer families from the beginning of the 18th century. Those master-healers had the combined knowledge and skills of present traditional doctor, chiropractor, naturopath and herbalist. They were the most respected people in the community at large. People would travel hundreds of miles and would wait weeks to get treated.

   I was fortunate/unfortunate to become a patient of one in 1961 when I was in wheelchair after a nasty rheumatoid fever incident forced me there in 1957. After four years of struggling with the mainstream doctors they decided to give up on me and as a last hope, my mother led me to be treated by one of the best of the Csontkovacs. Three months later I was on my feet and ten years on I earned my first national title in boxing.

When mother asked the ‘Bonesmith’, whose name was Dr. Gabor Nagy, how to pay for his healing, his answer was that he wish to take me as his student and teach me what he know, because he had no son to follow his legacy. The rest is history. I stayed with him for seven years and started to treat people at the age of 15.

In your personal opinion how do you see the role of a well informed health education programme within the community and how could it be implemented?

After my invaluable experience during my volunteer work with the Medicins San Frontiers (Doctors without borders) in 11 countries on four continents, my personal believe is that the biggest problem in treating diseases is not the disease but the lack of public education and people’s ignorance towards preventing ill health.


Most people spend more money on alcohol, entertainment or even their car than they do maintaining their own body. The Public health education in most countries (including Australia) is so primitive that most people would not know where to find their Gallbladder or Pancreas. On set diabetes has became the forth most common disease in the world in the 21st century, whilst a hundred year’s ego was an unknown disease, because people had no chance but look after themselves to earn enough to feed their family! Kids walked miles to be in school and cake was on the table only on Sundays, if at all.

   The solution, in my opinion, is to create a public awareness about the importance of self-maintenance, which would prevent most diseases and ill health. Everyone would agree that their car runs much better and lasts longer if it is serviced on a regular bases, but not many would be applying the same principles to their own body. To implement such a program we could learn from other countries’ successful strategies, for example:

  • Developing a compulsory Health Maintenance Program, and implement it in every school’s curriculum, would be a good start. Such a program has been kept running successfully in China in the last 80+ years.

  • Making it compulsory for engaged couples, before public registration of their wedding to attend Family Health Workshops would be another great idea. This is a long time tradition in Japan.

  • Making compulsory for all pregnant women to join a TAFE level Family Health Course – on Government expense, which was a winning strategy in Hungary starting in 1974.
  • Linking specifically trained naturopaths with medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes to conduct regular Health Education Workshops about coping with ill health by using complementary modalities would save millions on pharmaceutical products for the government and would reduce the workload on doctors and improve quality of life for many.
  • By providing training for housewives, pensioners and people without work to set up Detox Health Spas at home or in a network based clinic and help their family members, friends and people in their local community to maintain their optimum health with simple self-maintenance treatments, on regular bases, would dramatically reduce the cost of public health care.

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Professional profile of Dr Thomas Bige MD ND of the `Health Coach Clinic'

Dip. Naturopathy - 1971
Doctor of Medicine - 1977
Post/G Cert Trad Chinese Medicine (Beijing, China) - 1990
Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy (Sydney, Australia) - 1992

Senior Fellow ALUMNI - 2003
Full Member AIMA - 2005

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