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Welcome to Rena Shukla's Healthy Living page. Rena is a nutritionist and a dietitian. After completing her Master’s in food Microbiology she specialized in food analysis and dietetics. Further went on to study alternative medicine from the Indian Council of Alternative Medicine where she completed her M.D. She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher and aromatherapist.

She is the founder of Healthy Living a clinic that promotes the concept that “Good Health is a balance of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual states.” Every disease has its roots in the imbalance in any of the these three states. She treats the root cause of the problem using dietetics, colour therapy, yoga and meditation.

With her philosophy. Rena has successfully treated people having Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cholesterol. She has been consulting in various hospitals and privately since past 6 years. Her interest in Child Obesity has led her to write special Meal Plans for school children in day schools. She has published hundreds of articles for newspapers in India and Australia.

Dr.Rena resides in Australia with her husband and 2 daughters and is also the author of Living Smart which is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in health and fitness.

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