Anti-Age Through Detox

Article submission, Monday 27th July 2009

When you hear about anti-ageing treatments, you think of anti-wrinkle creams and procedures like botox, however tropical creams and procedures fight only on the surface. To fight age from within an overall healthy body system is essential. A good way of achieving this is to cleanse your system once in a while.

Eating sensibly and exercising regularly can keep your system ticking right. You have to keep in mind the damage caused by various toxins that enter your system through pollution or contamination in foods and water so it’s important to cleanse. Detoxification improves the overall performance of various body functions. This results in, amongst other things, a healthier and younger looking skin. A regular Detox regimen can help avoid beauty problems like pigmentation, dry skin, acne etc. Here are some safe techniques to Detox.


The body’s natural way to flush out toxins is through perspiration. A sauna works on the same principle. Flushing away impurities and cleaning skin pores. It relaxes the tired muscles, and relieves stress and gives you a feeling of well-being and lastly it also helps to burn calories by raising your metabolism. 10 minutes of sauna is comparable to 10 minutes of aerobics.

The main rationale for fasting is that far fewer toxins are taken in, so the body is able to rid itself of those already present.

Most Detox diets are based on the following principles: eat organic rather than processed foods. Avoid the consumption of meat and consume fruits and vegetables and drink water.


Foods to have on your Detox plan
Soy or rice milk.
Fish organic chicken or eggs.
Brown rice, wheat free pasta, quinoa, millet pulses.
Garlic and onions.
Olive oil and flaxseed oil.
Fresh fruits and nuts.
Fresh vegetables especially broccoli, Brussels sprouts.
Foods such as turnips, soya bean and vinegar boost body’s immunity and neutralise toxins.

Vitamin C and E fight free radicals that damage the cells and lower immune function. Largely available from fruits, nuts and fish have the recommended dosage daily.

Colon hydrotherapy
Colonics or cleansing the large intestine with purified water, herbs and other cleansing agents are often combined with fasting to flush toxins from body. Goes beyond a simple enema, always go for a trained therapist for the procedure.

Manual lymphatic drainage
This is a form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system (responsible for production of antibodies). As a result the lymph glands eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluids and bacteria. It has numerous benefits, like regeneration of tissues and also known to reduce wrinkles.

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