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What is the major role of detoxification in relationship to good health?

In the last hundred years we have managed to pollute our air, soil, water, food supply with more then 150,000 new chemical compounds. Our bodies without regular maintenance, have no chance to cope with it. The causes of ill health, in general, are toxic overload combined with stress. Some people can cope better, some not as lucky.

How ‘lucky’ you are mainly depends on how your mother looked after herself before, during and after her pregnancy. To do a complete self-cleansing detoxification for both parents to be - is the best investment in their child future.

Pregnancy preparation is an absolute must these days and includes both parents not only the mother. My opinion is that neglecting the duty of providing an optimum environment for a planned pregnancy is nothing less than committing a crime.

The other reason for regular self-cleansing is that if you and your family are not eating 100% organically produced food, all day, every day and even just occasionally depending on commercially produced and preserved products, your chance to fully digest that preserved food is very limited.

Semi digested food keeps rotting in the colon, from the colon it will get in to the blood and from there will poison every cell in your body. Your health and performance is greatly depends on how much rotting faeces you carry! With regular Health Risk Assessments and tailored Detox Programs, you will give yourself the chance to prevent this process and protect your Health.

Could you explain the significance of the `electrical interstitial scan' system?

The EIS provides three dimensional pictures of all of your bodily functioning with the help of modern computer technology such as analysing the content of your body-fluid. The device have the potential to significantly reduce the time and cost involved in investigating the cause of bodily malfunctions.

For the practitioner the EIS provides an unparalleled advantage to deliver cause diagnosis, tailoring appropriate treatment protocol, monitoring weekly and even daily progress to provide a comprehensive but still easy to understand visual tool for communicating with clients.

For the clients the EIS is giving a second to non opportunity for people to get connected with their own body, see the cause of their health problems and get actively involved in the healing process.

What are the benefits of the H.O.M.E. detox system from a user and business owner perspective?

The H.O.M.E. Detox/Health Spa System is designed to combine five natural healing modalities. Namely: Hydro & Heat Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Mineral Therapy and Electro-Dermal Stimulation Therapy in a specific sequence to detoxify and rejuvenate the human body. By using this specific sequence the treatments synergistically magnifies the benefits of each individual treatment and reduces time and cost involved to achieve optimum results.

The other significant benefit of the system is that all equipment is available for public purchase and we hold regular training workshops for individuals and encourage everyone to set up their own system to treat themselves, their family members and friends. By doing so, people could save many thousands of dollars by not paying for costly treatments, share running cost with their family and friends and if they wish, have the opportunity to earn second or even main income by providing services for others.

The workshop participants, after a qualifying period, could apply for certification and as a certified H.O.M.E. Health Spa Practitioner, they will have the opportunity to practice from home or join a network-clinic as sub-contractor practitioner or purchase a management license to operate a Network-clinic.

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