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Lucia Schwarczova

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Personal fitness trainers have now come to the fore, and their importance in respect to achieving desired results of fitness cannot be underestimated. Having a personal coach used to be the realm of the dedicated athlete or of those that were wealthy enough to afford such elite services. Times have changed, and for the better at that. The service industry has progressed dramatically over recent years which is a welcoming change.

The larger chain style gym studio's do not even compare since the only thing that comes close to a personalised one on one service is the `initial assessment' schedule you receive at the beginning, after which you are then left to your own devices as far as the programme is concerned. It is this inherent difference that having a personal trainer is far more cost effective, in as much as you are `hiring' the personal trainer and their related knowledge and expertise to achieve your desired results.

The `fall out' or `churn rate' of gym institutions is notoriously high (and they are well aware of) so the main goal (from their standpoint) is to up sell as quick as possible before you decide to call it quits. This happens for mainly one reason only and that is `waning enthusiasm'. Therein lies the secret to the success of having a personalised service such as a one on one trainer who motivates you by developing a close working relationship as wanting you to succeed. After all your success is also theirs.

How do you find the right trainer for you?

Naturally this is a tricky one and this is why most personal trainers offer the first and or even the second also class free of charge. This way at least both the trainer and the client can get a feel if this is right for them both. One other key point is to ascertain whether the trainer has the appropriate accredited qualifications to undertake the relevant training needed to achieve your required fitness goals. Also a qualified trainer will build a programme specific to the needs of the individual taking into consideration present health and fitness levels and any necessary `screening' in respect to health conditions. Failure to omit this should make any person wary of their choice of professional.

What to expect?

This depends entirely upon the individual client and the desired goals and concerns to be achieved. However initially the process will include a written fitness test to ascertain the clients fitness level which would also include physical tests for present strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. In addition this is coupled with a body composition (body fat) and heart rate evaluation plus specific body measurements taken. Some trainers may even take a `before photo' also so that visual progress can be monitored which is particularly of importance if weight loss is part of the desired goal. With the trainers final client evaluation in check a fully personalised schedule can be constructed and to the proper workout procedures to be adhered to in order to eliminate risk of personal injury to the client.

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Dante Gym and Fitness

Profile: Lucia Schwarczova

Lucia who owns and operates Dante Gym and Fitness in Ashmore on the Gold Coast is a highly compassionate, dedicated and highly enthusiastic individual whose goal remains the end result of the client. With a background in sport leading into the previous 4 years as a personal trainer Lucia has the necessary expertise to help any individual reach their optimal fitness level, working on all levels to client satisfaction. Further information regarding her personal training services and qualifications can be found at her personal website.

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