Thought field therapy

Peta Barlow

Thought field therapy or TFT for short is a simple technique which unobtrusively eliminates deep seated psychological and emotional issues. Being mainly used for phobias, anxiety disorders, addictive urges, post traumatic stress and many other related dysfunctional problems. The treatment of which is carried out without further personal investigation or the patients medical history. The treatment more so requires the patient to become very much aware of their inherent problem by focusing upon it. Then by tapping various meridian points such as eyebrow, collarbone and the back of the hand under instruction from the practitioner. Deeply set unresolved issues may take longer consultation periods eliminating them step by step in smaller increments.

How does thought field therapy work?

The client is asked to tune into their particular psychological dilemma and focus in on it. Attached to this given thought is what has been termed a Perturbation which can best be described as a `switch' being the cause of their particular emotional unrest. With the usage of various Chinese meridian acu-pressure points the client is asked to tap on a sequence of specific points on the upper body and hands with their fingertips. It is important however that the sequence is adhered to. This of which being is similar to particular keys a computer operator might use on a computer keyboard by imputing coded instructions. After the session the thoughts and memories remain minus the associated fears connected to it.

Peta Barlow's profile:

Peta specialises as a self empowerment facilitator through the use of Thought Field Therapy and Theta Healing. More information on Peta's services plus a background on her experience can be found on her Self Empowerment website.

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