Allergy Testing

Jan Hanily

Allergies more than not are genetically inherited so therefore an individual may be potentially predisposed to any number of and can surface at any time during a lifetime depending on when they are exposed to the `trigger allergen'. Why is it that for the most part that certain individuals will have an allergic reaction to something that would be otherwise harmless to others?

Essentially an allergy is an immune system over reaction to something it believes is a possible threat, in turn the immune system produces IgE antibodies to attack the suspect allergen. However the real problem begins when as a result of this the body releases chemicals into the bloodstream, one of which is histamine. This of which causes the adverse reactions when histamine gets into the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, or gastrointestinal tract thus causing the symptoms of the allergic reaction.

So many people today have allergic reactions to their environment, which at times are not always contributed by just air and surface chemical pollutants, but also particular food types which can radically effect our general health and overall wellbeing. They can cause adverse effects resulting in mild to severe bodily reactions. Such reactions can include hayfever, asthema, eczema, psoriasis, hives, itchy runny nose, sinus coughing and headaches to to breathing and skin conditions.

All of these can indeed create quite a degree of discomfort as sufferers would well know.Such conditions could be triggered by anything ranging from foods, chemicals, preservatives and colourings to common enviromental allergens such as cat, dog and horse hair to pollen, dust and dust mites and feathers only to name a few.

   Given the the enormous variables involved in isolating a particular problem causing allergen can be quite an extensive elimination process, especially since it may be a combination of two or more interactions. Certainly in the past this would have been the case as the only option available would be to undergo extensive blood and skin testing analysis, the results may then require an individual to take a particular medication such as one that is anti-histamine based to alleviate the problem.

Personally speaking as a child I was plagued by hayfever, asthema and ezcema and as a result was taking then both Ventalin (tm) and anti-histamines capsules which back then in the case of the latter just made me mentally euphoric and tired. Fortunately for the better times have moved on and we now have better holistic methods to this problem which gets to the cause of the matter rather than just treating it's symptoms.


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