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The test is natural therapy based, done electronically with a machine designed to pick up energies from an acupressure point on the finger with a probe, no blood taking, or scratching, totally non obtrusive, great for all ages, and you are tested for 290 foods and environmental allergens.

Children and babies can be tested with the hair sample method, this is done by taking a few strands of the hair or cut a small piece off, the machine picks up energy from the cells of the hair. So many people today have allergic reactions to environment as airborne pollutants affect our general health, and cause allergic reactions in some people.

electro-magnetic machine some of the symptoms such Hay fever Sinus Asthma, Eczema, Hives, Skin rashes, Rose-acea, Psoriasis,itchy eyes runny nose persistent coughing, headaches, migraines, and anything to do with ear and nose infections, breathing or skin. The reason some people have an allergy test is to find out which foods trigger there problem or what airborne substance affect them and there allergies. A full programme is provided for people to get over the cause of their problem naturally, some natural medications are recommended in the form of homeopathic remedies which are designed to build up a tolerance to the environmental allergens or airborne substances as well as other things also. These are made up from the testing kit with the things that show up as a problem.

   Food Intolerance: Some people get reactions to foods and need to have a break from them, they need to de-sensitise, by identifying these foods it is easier to do so by having a test rather than just through trial and error.

Bowel problems: are very extensive today, a lot of people suffer from bowel related problems, such as Irritable Bowel, Candida, Digestive problems, celiac, divaticulitis, Crones and bloating or even reflux, heart burn and stomach problems which are usually because of our digestion not functioning properly, This is because of a problem in our bowel usually, however a test can pin point this as well as the foods that feed it. A programme can be set out for you to get over the bowel problem and get your bowel healthy again.

   Weight loss: is a problem for many today also, this can be related to a bad digestion and even bowel problems. If you cannot lose weight and or keep it off, a test can help find out what is going on and which foods affect you, and a programme to help get the bowel healthy so weight loss is achievable again. Preservatives in our food today is one of our biggest problems here in Australia, also chemical additives and especially diet chemicals in diet drinks and diet sugar replacements, can cause a person who has no allergies to have allergies and also major allergic reactions to things that they were ok with in the past, can even be as bad as anifilactic reaction also.

   Packaging plastic: is toxic, and unnatural food colouring is also a big problem these days. Many health issues can come from foods and the environment the consequences can result in us having bowel problems or even our immune system does not function well.

Child behaviour: is a major thing today and foods play a huge part in that, a test can provide you with information on how to control and supplements that will help the child's behaviour change.

After you have a test you get information on Homeopathics and how they work, also a food replacement sheet to help with foods you can have to make dietary changes easier, as well as other information according to the problem you have. So a full programme is provided for you to help you get over the cause of the problem or get control of it and you are taught how to keep it that way.

Professional profile of Jan Hanily from `Allergy and Total Body Care'

About Janice Hanily: Experience in the field of allergy testing for 8 years background experience working with her Naturopath husband for 17 years culminating in 25 years experience.

Where to find Jan: Gold Coast, Upper Coomera, Phone 07 55800107, 0439201460. You can call for information or appointments.

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