Aromatherapy for Pregnancy

Lina Markham Dip Aroma

Why and how does Aromatherapy work?

Essential oils can enter the body in any one of three main ways: ingestion, inhalation and absorption through the skin into the bloodstream.

Prescription for Ingestion of Essential oils is not recognised yet in Australia and a practice that is used by French Medical Doctors to treat serious ailments - needing a great deal of training in Essential Oil drug interaction.

   However, there are ways that the therapeutic properties of essential oils can be taken into the body without directly ingesting the oil. For instance, herbal teas contain small and safe amounts of essential oils trapped within the herbs, floral waters can be used in cooking e.g., Turkish delight (rosewater), even something as simple as eating a Eucalyptus drop!

preconception Inhalation is the safest and most direct way of using essential oils to influence the bodies systems. By inhaling the odour molecules they work in two ways to generate a response from the body. The first way is that they are decoded by our limbic system (the emotional response centre of the brain) and a message is sent via the Central Nervous System to the rest of the body telling it to relax, be alert, be happy, remember, etc depending on the oil used. The second way a response is produced is by when inhaling the odour molecules of the essential oil you are actually taking these molecules into your lungs and therefore into the blood stream creating a systemic therapeutic response to the chemical structure of the oil.

   Your skin absorbs in one day approximately the same amount as what your digestive system does making dermal application of essential oils a very effective tool. Like inhalation, absorption of essential oils into the body through the skin produces a chemical response for healing. This chemical response can be varied and vast, everything from supporting and boosting the immune system to increasing bile production, aiding in digestion, breaking down calcifications within the body - even something as timeless as good old fashion relaxation of muscles and tissues.

Aromatherapy for pregnancy


For many mothers to be, pregnancy can be a wonderful and blossoming time, for others it can be confusing and uncomfortable, for most it’s somewhere in between. With so many medicines out of bounds for expecting women it can be frustrating trying to find remedies to help ease the symptoms often associated with pregnancy. In this way Aromatherapy can be your best friend! When used correctly Aromatherapy can help to reduce symptoms if not alleviate them all together and help to make this transition smoother and easier for you. Aromatherapy for pregnancy allows you to feel nurtured and safe, relaxed and enlightened within the open arms of nature’s gifts, supporting and awakening you during this most profound of life's accomplishments - creation!

   Aromatherapy can be used to help prevent stretch marks, reduce oedema/fluid retention, promote restful sleep, alleviate digestive complaints including indigestion and constipation, increase overall wellbeing, reduce stress and therefore the likelihood of complications, provide emotional support and healing, relieve muscular aches and pains and above all help to rejuvenate the body mind and spirit in preparation for birth.

Professional Profile of Lina Markham Dip Aroma

Lina Markham Lina Markham is a fully qualified Clinical Aromatherapist and member of the IAAMA (International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association) who has been practicing in the industry for over 5 years.

Lina is a lecturer in Aromatherapy and Massage for the leading provider of Natural Medicine Education in Australia and also conducts her own workshops for the general public on Aromatherapy for pregnancy and Aromatherapy use in the home.

Specialising in Aromatherapy for pregnancy and women's heath, she is passionate about educating and providing support for her clients in all aspects creating a holistic and complete approach to health and wellbeing.

For more information on workshop dates or to make an appointment please contact Lina either through her Natural Therapy page or phone: 0415 992 239.

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