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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that emphasises a holistic approach to diagnose, prevent and treat many health issues affecting the physical body. The team of Osteopaths at The Medical Sanctuary work closely with our other practitioners to provide a team care approach to your health.

One third of the Australian population suffer from musculo-skeletal problems which cause pain or restricts movement. Nine out of ten people throughout their lifetime will suffer back pain that incapacitates them for a week or more. You might be surprised to learn that Osteopathy has been around a long time, in fact there are over 40, 000 practitioners world wide.

Osteopathic training in Australia involves a 5yr bachelor of science, and a masters degrees at university level. Most Osteopaths work in private practice, alongside GP’s and other health professionals.

Osteopathic philosophy guides our methods of assessment and treatment approach. The key principals and philosophy of practice are:

  1. That the body works as a total functional unit with all parts interrelated.
  2. To support the structure of the body and its function working in harmony: to use the analogy of a car having a wobbly wheel, this will put strain and wear on other parts of the vehicle - so to, one component / part of the body influences other structures and systems.
  3. The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing and maintaining health when there is nothing impeding this.

An Osteopaths primary treatment is to attempt to restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself. At The Medical Sanctuary your Osteopathic treatment may also incorporate lifestyle and nutritional advice, exercise therapy, and stress management strategy’s.

Conditions that we treat include general back and neck pain, headaches, overuse injuries, pregnancy and children, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder problems.

Osteopathic treatment is covered by most private health funds and is available under the enhanced primary care program which provides a limited Medicare rebate dictated by their GP.

Osteopathic team profile: The Medical Sanctuary

The osteopathic team have over 45 years combined experience. Deborah Calleja, Peter Carter and Terese Thomas have successfully treated patients together for over a decade. Deborah is a graduate of RMIT University, Melbourne (1992), Peter is a graduate of the International College of Osteopathy, Sydney (1981), and Terese is a graduate of the University of Western Sydney (2004) and attained her Masters in Osteopathy in 2005. As a highly regarded member of the Osteopathic community, Terese now lectures in Anatomy & Physiology within the School of Medicine, Griffith University.

Each team member is registered with the Australian Osteopathic Association. All individual practitioners have a special clinical interest in all areas, including the treatment of children, pregnant women and post partum mothers, Women’s reproductive disorders, corrective exercise rehabilitation and sports injury management. Each practitioner uses a variety of osteopathic techniques which vary according to the patient’s individual needs.

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