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Dr. Andreas Marzini ND AMD M.D. (M.A.) BAc DN DHOM DH RT

Biomesotherapy is a relatively new therapy in Australia but is currently administered in Europe at the rate of 70 million treatments each year and has been practiced especially in Germany for many decades (dating back to the mid-50s).

instrument Biomesotherapy consists of the use of homoeopathic medications and the stimulation of specific points, called 'trigger points' with saline solution and works by stimulating the body’s own capacity for healing. A solution, made up of a sterile Homoeopathic Mixture is given to the patient orally via an inhaler and a saline solution is injected into pressure points, acupuncture points or even around joints, just underneath the skin. The injection is designed to stimulate the deeper organ systems and is known as the cutivisceral response. Injections may be given in more than one spot during each session.

Administration of these injections is mostly done by means of an applicator. The needles used are very fine and feel much like acupuncture needles, hence this technique can not be compared to the pain experienced with conventional injections. Pain or discomfort is minimal.


Biomesotherapy is most useful in the regulation of acute and chronic muscular-skeletal conditions ranging from sprain and strain, to osteoarthritis, pain management, as an aid in detoxification, nausea, hiccups, allergies, auto immune diseases, vomiting, menstrual pain and even hormonal dysfunction etc. by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism.

These therapies are drug free and do not present unpleasant side effects commonly associated with orthodox medications. The remedies used contain no impurities, additives or preservatives.

Professional profile of Dr. Andreas Marzini ND AMD M.D. (M.A.) BAc DN DHOM DH RT

Tony Marzini He is a popular naturopath, public speaker and researcher. Dr Marzini holds 9 degrees including a Doctoral in Alternative Medicine (Naturopathy) and is a registered member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (A.N.T.A.) and the Australian Association of Homotoxicology.

Since the beginning of this career in natural medicine, Dr Marzini's clinic has become known as the Gold Coast's foremost clinic for treating chronic diseases, allergies, sport injuries, nerve and general pain as well as for offering natural cancer support.

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