Crystal light therapy and the energising power of light

Janice Rose

The crystal light therapy equipment was originally designed in South America at the world renowned healing center "Casa de Dom Inacioā€¯, in Abadiania. Known also as crystal bed therapy or healing, it consists of a quartz crystal light array connected to the ends of several mounted extendable and movable arms connected onto a central stand. Each of the cylindrical light unit devices comprise of an electric light, coloured filter and quartz crystal. Each crystal has been purposely cut to emit a particular frequency with all seven quartz crystals emitting light which in turn correspond to the seven major Chakras of the body. The electric lights are themselves wired to a device that sends electrical impulses rather than a continuous current causing the individual lights to turn on and off. All of this apparatus is then mounted above the bed or massage table upon which the client lies.

The importance of the use of the quartz crystals as opposed to electric lights only is that they emit a more `pure frequency' solely due to their symmetrical molecule structure, as opposed to the rather random and chaotic frequencies which come from an electric light.

How is it conducted?

Crystal light therapy is absolutely non-evasive as far as the client is concerned and the only things that need to be removed are shoes, any glasses and or jewelry and then lie fully clothed on the bed below the light array. The client then wears an eye mask before activation so that the light does not interfere with the light sensitive tissue within the inside of the eyes. All this done the external lights are dimmed and relaxing background music is played. This will indeed produce a state of total relaxation.

The sessions are generally around 30 mins initially after which later sessions can be extended to 60 mins if need be however it is best not to exceed a 60 min therapy in any given day.

And the result?

Although no claims can be made of any diseased states being healed or cured, it has been reported that clients undergoing such light therapy treatment do report feeling:

  • a deep tiredness which can continue afterwards,
  • a sensing of a deeper inner peace, and
  • a general feeling of being re-energised.

Profile: Janice Rose

From her home within the peaceful surroundings of natural bushland Janice Rose, a dedicated holistic practioner helps restore her clients wellness states through the application of Crystal Light Therapy in the most blissfully quiet and relaxing environment one could possibly imagine. For more details on Crystal Light Therapy and indeed the services that Janice has to offer check out her website

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