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Terence M. Carfrae

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The attainment of optimal health is the birthright of every living being. The maintenance of optimal health is the duty of all beings that wish to live in harmony with nature. Unfortunately we are faced with a plethora of obstacles in the current age we live. With polluted skies and water and eroded top soil, we must be hyper-vigilant in our quest for health. There are many ways in which we can make a difference to our own health and in turn the health of the Earth organism. The following are beautifully simple guidelines which I teach to all of my clients.

The 6 foundational factors are so named because every one alive does them but not to the same degree. It is to that degree that you either have health or do not.

  1. Thoughts: The term psycho-somatic has been batted around since the early 1800’s but with the advances of Neuro-linguistic programming (N.L.P.), Quantum Theories and increasing acceptance of Eastern Philosophy, it becoming clear that our minds create our physical reality. Our physical health is a direct result of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and values. After all, any individual’s pursuit of health begins with the intention of the pursuit.
  2. Breathing: Respiration has been heavily relied upon in most all stress reduction techniques and meditation practices of all cultures, world over. The balancing of our bodies pH level is moderated foremost by the rate of respiration and the carbon dioxide to oxygen balance within our blood. Innumerable illness’ are a direct result of faulty breathing technique, from postural variance to failing eyesight and disc injury in the lower back.

  3. Hydration: The consumption of water may well be the single most underestimated aspect in the traditional medical model of health. Ensuring your body is properly hydrated can reduce appetite, improve eyesight, increase energy levels and boost immune function. Dr. Batmanghelidj claims that 90% of doctors visits could be avoided by adequate consumption of clean water.
  4. Food: There are two concepts that I encourage for healthy eating; Quality and Quantity, and Metabolic Typing. The quality of the nutrition and the amount of these foods greatly govern health. Eat organic wherever possible. The second concept is that of Metabolic Typing. Determine your Metabolic Type to ensure you are eating according to your own unique genetic needs. There is no one-size-fits-all diet and it is unlikely that there ever will be.

  5. Exercise: Television watching is not an exercise (even if you are watching sport!). Get up, get outside and remember what it is like to be an exuberant animal, full of play. Walking is the definitive movement that humans were designed to perform. Walking just 20 mins a day can make a world of difference. It really can be that easy.
  6. Circadian Rhythms: Sleep cycles were drastically changed with the invention of the light bulb. Whether we like it or not, we are diurnal animals (daytime) and we were designed to wake with the sunrise and sleep soon after sunset. The further from this rhythm you stray the greater the negative impact on your health. How much sleep? How long is the night?

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Professional Profile for Terence Carfrae and Studio Align:

Terence Carfrae earned a degree in Health Science and has worked in the Holistic Health field since 1999. His studies have led him around the world and he also worked internationally as a holistic exercise coach and nutritional advisor. He currently lectures at Gwinganna Health Retreat and operates his Holistic Health Coaching business from the Gold Coast.

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