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CH can be traced through history approximately some 3500 years ago, it is rated a mention in the Bible and later it can be found recorded throughout the Egyptian records of around 2000 years ago. These references were more like an enema using a simple apparatus than today's colonic machines. Modern CH has been practiced for the last 50 odd years in USA and Europe and more recently Australia with the introduction of Dr Roy De Welles machine and training. More recent designs may have filters, ultra violet sterilisers and various gauges however they are still based on the De Welles system.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

CH is the gentle introduction of filtered, oxygenated water into the colon for the purpose of helping the removal of solid waste and toxins from the body. To re-hydrate faeces material for easier expulsion. The elimination hose can be pulsated to stimulate the colon reflex points and to assist peristalsis. Also by fluctuating the water temperature, the colon is further stimulated.

Reflex points as found on the hands and feet are also found in the colon and by stimulating those points other areas of the body are also affected. The aim is to assist the body to re balance and rejuvenate by removing toxins from the bowel thus allowing the blood to further cleanse toxins from the body as a whole wherein stopping the toxin cycle. A toxic colon in turn contributes to a toxic circulatory system, so the body is not able to metabilise food properly therefore inhibiting it's transformation and conversion to energy. Less toxins in the blood clears the head and oxygenates muscles for optimum use.

The following conditions have been reported as being a result of a poor functioning bowel:

Irritable bowel syndrome Food allergies
Fatigue Bad breath
Constipation Digestive disorders
Flatulance Bloating
Gastro problems Anxiety
Dehydration we have found is the primary or root cause of a lot of symptoms. Conditions such as Cardiac irregularities, pathological changes in the breasts, Endoctrine disturbances, Neurocirculatory abnormalities, Sciatica and lower back pain are also reported to respond well to Colon Hydrotherapy.

What colon hydrotherapy can do for you?

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The benefits from Colon Hydrotherapy are many including a sense of profound well being and cleanliness. Mental alertness and renewed energy are often reported after a session. The two main elimination organs of the body are the bowel and the skin. If the toxins are unable to be eliminated through the bowel due to a build up of fecal matter, the body will then try to use the skin. Following an average course of four sessions, a rejuvenated colon is able to eliminate the toxins more readily. Results from Colon Hydrotherapy vary from client to client depending on the individual conditions and life styles.

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Professional Profile for Kym Atkinson and Fountain Of Inner Health

Kym is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Health plus a member of the Australian Colon Health Association and is also the principal medical practitioner at the Fountain Of Inner Health. Coupled with customer care and understanding with over 11 years experience Kym is more than obliging to assist you with any health issues you may be enduring.

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