Compulsory thinking

Article submission, Thursday 26th April 2007

Compulsory thinking is a process lots of people have to do since they are unable to sleep and lie awake half of the night. Sleeplessness has become very common, it’s as common as headaches and more common in women than men. Sleeping pills are sold in lots of developing countries off the shelf and people have started manipulating their circadian rhythm and in developed countries in the form of herbal supplements, tranquilizers sell like hot cakes.

The problem of sleeplessness can be solved by certain simple changes in diet and lifestyle. So why rush for some damaging methods and abuse the body with unnecessary inputs.


Avoid Heavy Dinner.

Avoid spicy and acidic foods at night as it may cause hyper acidity leading to disturbed sleep.

Maintain a gap of at least 2-3 hours between dinner and bedtime.

Drink a glass of milk if hungry before bed time, Milk contains Tryptophane, an amino acid that promotes sleep.

Avoid too much water/ fluid before bed time to avoid nature’s calls.

Avoid all caffeinated drinks be as they gives you a feeling of excitement for a while.

Avoid alcohol as it gives you fragmented sleep.

Eat foods containing carbohydrates as they produce serotonin, a sleep inducing hormone.Lettuce is also sleep inducing but the dark green ones are better.

Have foods containing melatonine These include banana plums, cherries and corn rice and ginger.
Avoid all stimulating foods such as cheese chocolate eggplant sugar spinach.


Vigorous exercise during the day and mild exercise at bed time helps one to get sound sleep as endoprphine production increases which give calmness and feeling of well-being.

Aerobics in morning, afternoon and or evening is good but not too late. Aerobic exercise increases the amount of oxygen in the blood e.g. Jogging, swimming Jumping rope, dancing cycling are all aerobic exercise.

20min a day for 3-4 days is enough to get good sleep.

Mild non aerobic exercise is good at the end of the day.

A leisurely flexibility walk or deep breathing, pranayam and light stretching at end of day is good to wind down.

Lifestyle changes

Avoid watching television till late instead read a book which is not too heavy or read a magazine.

Listen to some soothing music.

Do not put too much light in your bed room and use bedroom only to sleep and relax not to do any official work.

Add some fresh flowers to your room or some soothing aromatherapy oils like lavender, chamomile, and rose, can be put on the spreads or sheets.

Healthy living tips to look younger

To prevent wrinkles, fill your mouth with water and count up to five then spit it out. It cleans the oral cavity and increases the blood circulation on the face and tones the facial muscles.

Go for adventure sports or experiment new things it makes you feel younger and look younger too.

Love your self unconditional and see how love radiates you.

Last but not least forget your birth year and do as you feel, and not what is appropriate thinking for your age and do things accordingly.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.
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