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When one looks at the fruits and vegetables, there are just so many benefits to be gained by including them in our diet, so much so its a task to even list them all. When one looks at the modern diet, it becomes clear and self evident that we are just not getting enough of them. Since plants provide the raw materials that the our bodies need it makes good sense that we should consume plenty of them. Sadly this is not always the case, unless of course you happen to be a vegetarian.

As was mentioned before all of this group are high in complex carbohydrates, and as such far more beneficial to us than the simple carbs. Apart from being a good vitamin and mineral source, they also contain antioxidants which are substances that protect cells by neutralizing free radicals, phytochemicals for our hormonal system regulation, proteins and unsaturated fats. Not forgetting to mention their high fibre content and that they are low in calories.

Here are some recommendations to get the most from your fruit and vegetable diet.

  • Consume at least 9 servings a day (even more if you wish).

  • Do not peel when ever possible as most of the nutrient value is just under skin level.

  • Cook vegetables `al dente', less cooked the better except for certain root vegetables such as potatoes and turnips for example which must be cooked thoroughly.

  • Add variety to your diet.

  • Try varying the cooking methods via differing recipes - don't be afraid to experiment.

  • Enjoy them knowing that they are good for you.

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