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Article submission, Saturday 2nd August 2008

Coaxed from leaves, roots, tree bark, fruit peels or flower petals, essential oils carry a plant’s very life force. Combined in differing ways, these highly concentrated oils contain potent natural compounds that can be used as medicine, for the mind, body and soul.

Some of them are disinfecting ones that can be used for cleaning and polishing of house hold purposes. Varieties are countless as much as their uses, and sound as it may be to be mysterious as proclaimed by aroma therapists, the alchemy of essential oils need not be such an esoteric mystery.

To indulge in a home spa some of the essential oils would be:


It soothes and nurtures both mind and body after a hectic day. Lavender is just what you need to relax.Lavender and vanilla lotions or bath oils are both equally helpful.

It is cooling, energizing, refreshing, and balancing. According to ayurveda it cools the body and brings down the acidity Keeping insects and pests at bay. Good cleaner for feet, so go ahead and use it for pedicures!

It uplifts your soul. clarifies your mind and reviving your body, making you ready for the new challenges of life.It also ideal for some home work like on polished wood floors and surfaces to make your home feel the same as you.

No comparison here, the best in soothing and uplifting helping unwind mind, body and soul. Positive thoughts dominate and one instantly feels the love in the air plus it also helps to relax your guests when used as an air freshener.

It keeps you grounded and centered and also revitalized. Mothers aid for assisting their children to breath better during colds, a few drops on pillows keeps everything under control. Emergency relief, when you run out of your kitchen cleaners, good disinfectant for kitchen and bathrooms. Vapours help to clear the chest

It can relieve anxiety and calm someone down in the event of stress. It can also relieve gastrointestinal upset after a big meal, excellent herb to use as compresses for the eyes.

Useful tips:

Need to mix Sage carrier oil to Rosemary, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram essential oil. This Aromatherapy massage will encourage body detoxification and blood circulation resulting in a firmed up, youthful skin, without the “orange peel” surface.

Memory boosting oil
Sage and Almond oil are known to quicken memory and ease nervous disorders.

Sage is also used as a compress in treatments of strains and to ease sore joints.

While almond oil is burned with ghee (clarified butter) and the ash is used to brighten the eyes.

A thought:
Looking ahead makes time seems to go on forever, looking back makes time pass swiftly, life is short.

Did you know?
Children whose mothers have a fat–rich diet during pregnancy and breast feeding may enter puberty earlier than their peers!

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietician before starting it. Your questions and suggestions are welcome at:

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