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The universe contains millions of planets and stars which are made of gas and solid. The order of these astrological bodies is maintained by an immense energy source, and we as individuals are an extension of that source.

As long as 3000 years ago, the scientists of ancient Greece were recording the regular rhythms of basic bodily functions such as respiration, kidney activity, pulse rate and, of course, the female menstrual cycle. Most of us barely give them a thought; yet these rhythmic cycles affect even the tiniest cells of our organism from the day we are born to the day we die.

At the beginning of the last century, Dr. Wilhelm Fliess noticed identical rhythms in the case histories of his patients. He observed active and passive phases in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of humans. Energy does not travel in straight line but a strict wave pattern, alternatively rising above and dipping below the line of neutrality, same is the case of our energy which is like universal energy and falls in a rhythmic pattern of life, these patterns of energy are referred to as biorhythms. Biorhythm is a bit like astrology where some people believe and some do not believe, it is all about individual preference, but surely everyone have experienced it or felt at least some time in their life We each have three fundamental biorhythm cycles.

We each have three fundamental biorhythm cycles:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual

Our physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms commence functioning the moment we start our life but in every individual these differ in both wave length and intensity.

The Physical biorhythm

Physical biorhythm spans a period of 23 days with 11 1/2days of high physical energy and renaming 11 ½ of low physical energy. The physical cycle is said to be the dominant cycle in men. It regulates hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance, sex drive, stamina, initiative, metabolic rate, resistance to, and recovery from illness. When your physical biorhythm is in positive phase you will experience a feeling of heightened physical well-being, feel more energetic and muscular and you will be able to sustain longer and more intense period of physical activity. As physical biorhythm dips into negative phase your energy levels will progressively fall until you reach the lowest point of the arc, you will tire more quickly and you will require more sleep You can take advantage of this physical cycle by planning more intense physical activities to coincide with the positive phase of this biorhythm.

The emotional biorhythm

The emotional cycle is considered the dominant cycle in women. It regulates emotions, feelings, mood, sensitivity,sensation, sexuality, fantasy, temperament, nerves, reactions, affections and creativity For period of 14 days out of every 28 you will be at your emotional and creative best. It is the time when you will be most demonstrable with your affections and will display your greatest emotional strength. During negative phase you may display emotional indifference and feel slightly depressed and you will crave for affection. To organize your life around emotional ups and downs is a bit difficult and would be artificial too. However better knowledge of your emotional cycle will help you understand why you feel as you do on certain days and why you react as you do to emotional situations.

The intellectual biorhythm

The intellectual cycle regulates intelligence, logic, mental reaction, alertness, and sense of direction, decision-making, judgment, power of deduction, memory, and ambition. The 16 ½ day positive phase of your intellectual cycle is a time when you are better able to understand absorb and retain new information. Your performance of exam or interview would be enhanced if this coincided with your positive IBP but if it is in negative phase then by maintaining a relaxed state and with extra efforts would be required for good results.

The length and function of each biorhythm is exactly the same in all people and this never changes, but the intensity of biorhythms may differ between individuals. This may be the reason why some are athletically inclined while others are more emotional, or perhaps given to intellectual pursuit.

Effect on weight

Biorhythms do not directly play a role in weight gain or loss but however during emotional phase you may be more prone to snacking, compulsive eating is often associated with depression and low self esteem seen more during EBL [emotional biorhythmic low].While resolutions made during IBH [intellectual biorhythmic high] tend to go long way along with workouts during the PBH [physical biorhythmic high].

What ever one thinks and what extend wants to believe is up to individual but you can start observing your self and if you would like to believe than use the rhythms to your advantage.


* Predict times of peak performance.
* Gain a competitive advantage for athletic events.
* Improve your thinking ability for debates.
* Be more confident at social events.
* Gain the upper hand in business negotiations.
* Plan your workouts and diet according to phases diet high in proteins and    maximum strength training.
* Go in for aromatic massages during the low EBP and have complex
   carbohydrates release serotonin, the feel good factor.
* Go in for meditation and learn new things during the High IBP.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.

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