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Article submission, Friday 27th April 2007

Pinch the fat around your waist between thumb and index finger if the fat volume is more than an inch its bad news.

Sit on the ground with legs straight, bend forward bend touch the toes without lifting the knee. Your flexibility will hint at your fitness.

Count how many sit ups and push ups you can do. If you can do a dozen sit ups and push ups without any discomfort you are not bad but if you can do over 30 then that is excellent.

The three minutes step test is a simple measurement of endurance. What you need is a bench or a stepper. Now step up and down on it for three minutes. The rate is important as well, so you need to climb twenty four times a minute or twice in five seconds. Put your right foot up and then left, and put them down in same order, a steady rhythm should be maintained between the four steps. After three minutes of continuous stepping up and down, rest for 30 seconds and then count your pulse for another 30 seconds and multiply it by two, this will give you the pulse rate per minute.

Pulse rate for men

Age Very Good Good Fair Poor
20-30 74 76-84 86-100 102+
31-40 78 80-86 88-100 102+
41-50 80 82-88 90-104 106+
51+ 83 84-90 92-104 106+

Pulse rate for women

Age Very Good Good Fair Poor
20-30 86 88-92 93-110 112+
31-40 86 88-94 95-112 114+
41-50 88 90-94 96-114 116+
51+ 90 92-98 100-116 118+

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.
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