Rainbow of life - Pt 3

Article submission, Tuesday, 3rd July 2007


Colour therapy is as old as our vision only difference is that it was practiced unknowingly and intuitively before, but now there is enough evidence and today it is recognized as a respectable, holistic therapy. Ancient Egyptians believed that their God Thoth healed with colours, even the Greeks had their thought of body to be a balance of various coloured fluids and ill health to be imbalance in those fluids.

Many books written by Frenchmen, Arabic physicians and ancient Hindu scriptures all further strengthen the belief in colours. This is effective therapy that is non invasive and gentle yet excellent for the debilitated, helping to gain vitality and peace of mind without drugs.

Colour therapy can be administered in various ways. In earlier times, gems were used and still continue. Breathing conducted looking at specific colours is another way. From crystals to coloured garments, coloured water and even monochromatic lights are some of the ways to invite colour into lives. The best way to have colour entwined in your life is to consume them. Yes to have them on your plate and transform those colours from your plate to your life...Simple!

Colour your Diet

Colours are effective as a cure for disease, and carefully selecting your foods may add life to your years. Colour Cooking is totally safe and adds another dimension to cooking not just for health but beauty too and balance’s mind and body.

Red foods

People with lots of red in their energy system will be physically active, lean, muscular and tends to talk and walk quickly. So if you feel short of energy include some red foods in diet. Eating red foods stimulate the base of the spine and reproductive centre, promotes heat and blood circulation. Eat the reds if you suffer from anemia, paralysis, poor circulation or blood disorders or chilled and cold.

Strawberries, Red cherries, Red apples, Tomatoes, Radish, Red lentils, all animal products, Watermelon.

Orange food appetite


A person with plenty of orange energy will have a good appetite, strong digestion and good immune system, happy with healthy sex drive. Orange foods act as a powerful tonic, giving us both physical energy, mental stimulation and aid digestion. We can use orange foods to treat disorder and infections of the spleen and kidney disease as well as gall stones, bronchitis and other chest troubles and also give emotional strength.

Oranges, mangoes, pawpaw's, apricot, peaches, ginger, pumpkin, carrots, butternut squash.

Yellow food - happiness and cheerfulness

It is the colour of strength enriched with intelligence. So people with abundant yellow energy will be full of enthusiasm for new ideas and are good communicators. Associated with solar plexus a very important centre for whole nervous system. Yellow affects our digestive process, especially the liver and intestine, and helps our liver eliminate blood toxins. so it is our body purifier hence eating foods containing yellow purifies the blood and the particularly skin.

Whole grains, mung dal, yellow lentils, nuts, seeds, pears, banana, pineapple, grapefruit, corn, yellow oils.

Green - Calmness and love

Green is found in the middle of the spectrum so it's quality of harmony. People with green balance their life well, both work and home are managed efficiently, they also care for earth and other human beings. Green is refreshing and restorative and it aids in neutralizing disharmony where there are malignant cells, cysts, tumors and cancers harmonizing and balancing are implied.

Green bell pepper, Green Grapes, Kiwifruits, Figs, Lemon, Lettuce,Broccoli, ockr, zucchini, cauliflower, olive oil, cucumber.

Blue and indigo - good sleep

People with abundance blue and indigo energy are cool, calm and composed the opposite of fear, tension and frustration, plus they get good sound sleep. Psychologically indigo foods have a purifying and stabilizing effect, especially in cases of fear and repression and mental confusions.

Blueberries, blue plums, bilberries, blackberries, seaweeds, chicory flowers, vanilla, olives, prunes

Violet and purple - creativity and contentment

purple grapes

Violet and purple has very fast vibrations so people with this energy connect well to their spiritual side and allow creative energy to be channeled throughout their bodies. It has a wonderful healing effect on all forms of neurosis and mental disorders, anxiety disorders and also scalp diseases and acting as tranquilizers it is found to have stopped the growth of tumors.

Purple grapes, eggplant, plums, purple broccoli, onions, turnips, artichokes, thyme, p.cabbage, p.bell peppers

So whatever the colour that is lacking in your life, is just a supermarket away stretch your hand and grab that colour and complete your rainbow.

Healthy living tip

To make food all the more delicious and provide extra colour add some flowers such as rose petals (various colours), mint, coriander,marigold,blue borage flowers, pink chive flowers all can be added on sandwiches, soups and saladsThis enhances visual and vibrational effect, aroma enhances ability to digest food.

Next article find out why you can exercise your maximum on some days and cannot exercise to your fullest other days.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.

Your questions and suggestions are welcome at: rena.bill.shukla@gmail.com.

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