Feeling good through detox

Article submission, Thursday, 14th December 2006

Is looking good is so important that we forget about feeling good? Both are so important that we forget about being good to others! What about ourselves? Are we being good to ourselves, remember only a happy person can give happiness! The person who is happy is not only looking good but feeling good too. Constant fighting with the body to be thin via deprivation, starvation or indulgence all leads to unhappiness.

The key to feeling good and looking good is diet. For far too long the word ‘DIET’ has been synonymous with, weight loss and consequently have punished our bodies for its failures with harsh, restrictive regimes that leaves us exhausted and our spirits broken.

Its time that we think of something else other than weight when we hear the word diet The true meaning of diet and the word comes from the Greek where diata means way of living. Diet should be way of living and everything that makes ones life better and so diet for you may not be diet for another because every one is unique with his equally unique lifestyle.

Our bodies are a piece of art created by God and to keep this art in its best condition it should be looked after, nurtured well and cared for. We take care of our cars, our houses and any damage that happens to them is taken care of immediately, we service and maintain it, but we don’t do the same with our body unless it becomes inevitable.

Missing meals, eating on the go, snacked handy fast food, late nights, had too much to drink, sacrificed sleep for work or T.V show, sound so familiar! When we submit our bodies to this type of treatment , no wonder we feel bad! Its time to make changes and to take control of our mind, body and even soul. Time to DETOX them all and give rebirth to a new you.

Detox is about restoring body’s balance. Our bodies keep on working for us no matter what we give them to deal with. They keep on eliminating our waste and providing us with the best but when input of waste increases it causes stress on the body and an imbalance in system which is the beginning of many diseases (body is not at ease).

Indicators of need to DETOX

* Menstrual cramps
* Frequent Headaches
* Sore eyes
* Weak nails
* Poor complexion
* Irregular Bowel
* Dull hair
* Pimples
* Emotional outbreaks
* Physical Lethargy

The list is endless but solution is detox. Detox is the way to help your body eliminate toxins which have accumulated over a period of time due to falsely handling of body and wrong eating so that once again maximum potential of body is achieved. Drinking lots of water is an important part of detoxifying as it sweeps through the body. The minimum amount of fluids required by the body each day is 1 1/2 litres.

Juices made from fresh vegetables are also a part of the plan as they are full of antioxidants and enzymes.Fibre rich foods are important as cleansers. Regular cereals can be had, but during detox fibre from fruits and vegetables are used. However milk and milk products should be avoided. Detox should always be done according to your body and in consultation with a nutritionist or dietitian. It should not be done for weight loss purpose but for revitalizing the body so what you eat is more important than how much. Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Alcohol should never be taken while detoxing.

After-effects of a cleaned body free of toxins will do wonders for the way you feel and look! For better results the mind should also be detoxified and all negative emotions and worries should be cleaned from it too. Pampering your self is sure way to improve both your physical and mental well being. Yoga & Meditation are ways to get back in touch with your body, mind and soul.

Foods that help in detox

Good source of Vit B with some fibre and low in fat makes it ideal food. Complex Carbohydrates are good particularly for those with gluten or wheat intolerance. It has a medium glycemic index and is rich in Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper and Manganese.

Good source of Vit C. Liver cleanser but should not be taken with any medicine as can lead to liver toxicity. Pink one contains good amount of Beta-carotene. Excellent appetizer and same qualities as orange, lemons and lime Helps in gastric digestion and is rich in Calcium and phosphorus.

Excellent source of free citric acid and natural sugar, Vit C. Good source of Calcium and phosphorus. Both cleanses the body can be taken with warm water. Juice taken in the morning acts as a stimulant of bile and acts as a tonic to liver. Used to dissolve gal stoned and used as a diuretic. Externally can be used as astringent and cure dandruff.

Health Tip:
While on detox if you have nausea try peppermint tea. For Insomnia try chamomile tea before bed.

Make an defoliant of your own by mixing salt, olive oil, honey and essential oil of your choice. (Fennel oil works good during detox) alternatively sugar and glycerin can be rubbed for good moisturizing before bath


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