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Article submission, Monday, 2nd December 2006

You have become too thin says one, next minute you go somewhere and next person notices and informs how you have become chubby & fuller (decent way of telling you your fat) And you come home confused as to which one was true.

There are commercials bombarded on television and continuous discounts on health clubs ,gym and dietary programs. With so many choices available to chose from, anybody would be a bit confused because it is after all your health, not just looks.

To really determine if you need to loose weight, find out your height to weight ratio range. Range is very important as same height persons can be of different frames; short medium or large. Hence even after having the same height, your weight can vary, so if you are within your range of weight, just chill !!!!!

For others who really need to get started towards better health reaching the range of healthy weight is necessary. You need to decide which method is good for you, but some information will help to find the best one keeping in mind your goals.

It is possible that you may be tempted to follow some popular Yo-Yo diets diets which might have short term results, but are harmful. All popular diets are discussed below with their effects and scored on different parameters on level of 1-5, with 5 being the best.

High Protein diet
Followed by most celebrities and body builders even the famous Atkins diet has resemblance to it. Here the protein content of the diet is doubled and fats and carbohydrates restricted. This can cause constipation and may damage the liver or cause osteoporosis.

Palatiblity -2, Short term effect-3, long term effect-2, Healthy habit-0, Scientific-1 Satiety-1

Hay Diet
It is about not mixing the carbohydrates and proteins as the digestion for both is different and leads to incomplete digestion leading to toxic waste and weight problems

Palatiblity-1, STE--3, LTE-2, Healthy habit-2, Scientific-0, satiety-2

Calorie Counting Method
All food contains calories except water! This is based on calorie restriction so that 300-400 cal is restricted from your daily requirement but all the food within the range is allowed.

Palatiblity-4, STE-3, LTF-2, Healthy habits-2, Scientific-4, Satiety-2

High Fibre- High Carbohydrate-Low Fat
Helps dieting person to fill full for longer periods because high fibre food takes more chewing swallowing digestion keep blood sugar constant & prevent certain ailments and has even been linked with less risk of bowel cancer.

Palatiblity-2, STE-2, LTE-4, Healthy habit-4, Scientific-3, Satiety-4

Low Carb No Hassle!

Low Fat or No Fat Diet
As fat is the highest in calorie-- 9 cal/gm. It can be unpalatable and cause deficiency of fat soluble vitamins. It can be quiet unpalatable. This Diet will be healthy only if saturated fats are reduced.

Palatiblity-2, STE-2, LTF-2,Healthy habit-2, Scientific-2, satiety-2

Meal Replacement
One, two or three meals are replaced with a manufactured calorie counted meal such as milk shakes or bar they are effectives for short term but boring in long term and nutritionally insufficient.

Palatiblity-1, STE-3,LTE-2,Healthy habit-2, Scientific-4, satiety-2

Existing on water or fruits or juices or vegetables for days or weeks encourages rapid weight loss but headaches, dizziness, constipation, fatigue and bad breath and deficiency of vitamins and minerals and muscle loss

Palatiblity-0, STE-4, LTE-0, Healthy habit-0, Scientific-2

You have a lot to choose from depending on your goal. If you have an occasion in near future short term diets might help you but if being healthy for life is important then slowly and steadily reaching your weight range is the best option! However consulting an expert before embarking is always advisable as a dietitian or nutritionist can customize a diet from all of the above for you.

In reality the Best Diet is the one that You can follow for Life!!!

If you removed from your diet all food that you didn’t actually eat through genuine hunger most people would save enough calories in a week to lose weight steadily and keep it off too.

Cut thick slices of a chilled tomato and place them on your eyelids, they not only cool like the cucumber but also have a mild bleaching action.

*I would like to thank all my readers for their responses. Next article shall include the most frequently asked questions.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult your physician or dietitian before starting it.


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