Re-inventing water

Water as we have already briefly covered in this site is essential to all life. However our summery here is regarding what I call the `re-invention of water'. As one might expect the gathering of water for our needs in the past usually meant taking it from its natural life giving source i.e. rivers. These days its a different story, our new source has become the tap or faucet.

What difference does this make?

Quite a lot actually. Water now becomes available via through the collection process in dams then to be transferred to `treatment plants' that sanitise it, which in itself comes at a cost namely to its `natural state'. To understand the significance of this we must look at it this way. Closer examination at water reveals that it is a life giving substance and very much the `lifeblood of the earth' that follows the cycles of life, therefore if its altered in any way it can easily become the very destroyer of life also e.g. polluted or contaminated.

Our efforts to supply clean drinking water to the general populous involves the process of not only that of filtration but also the addition of chemicals such as.

  • Lime and alum - to soften the water
  • Carbon dioxide - to adjust pH level
  • Phosphate - corrosion control
  • Flouride - added to prevent tooth decay [see additional information regarding water fluoridation below]
  • Chlorine - disinfection to kill micro organisms

I am not saying this is a bad thing, naturally, the large town and city populations of Western world enjoy good quality water because of this technology. Its only downfall is that the `nature of the water itself has changed'. Our new age trends towards wellness makes us question `Can we do better?'

Important fact to mention

Long term storage of water also results in the buildup of positive ions i.e.grouped H3O molecules. Bombardment of constant moving and flowing water prevents these molecular clusters coming together to keep all the water as`negatively ion charged' i.e. H2O. Which is far better for not only our health but for all other lifeforms it supplies. For example It has been been found that free flowing water in waterfalls is always negatively charged.

Additional information

Article - Infant warning Fluoride Alert - 22nd March 2007
Article - Fluoride facts sheet Queensland Against Water Fluoridation Inc - 2nd January 2008
Article - 12 reasons to reject fluoridation Argument forwarded by Dennis Stevenson, former member of the ACT Legislative Assembly (updated) - 2nd January 2008

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