Exercise your excuses or Excuses to exercise?

Article submission, Thursday 1st March 2007

Finding your self in a battle between resolutions and your will?

Excuses, excuses rules the world these days. I am too busy to exercise, I do so much running around for my kids I feel my exercise is done, I am too shy, I am too fat to go in public place to workout. The resolution is there but the will has gone! It's a harsh truth, basic problem here is we all are different and what is exciting to one is boring for another. As a diet is planned according to your needs, personality, availability, daily schedule and likes, same for exercise, it’s very important for you to like and enjoy. So enjoyable activity is all we need and we need, lots of it to be fit, regularly upgrade our health, lift our spirits, increase stamina, flexibility, improve memory, tone our body, be beautiful and to even spice up ones sex life (can feel many wills coming back).

I'll Brief you about some activities:

Helps everyone with any size and shape.
All- round fitness.
Works on big muscles particularly of stomach,bottoms and shoulders.
Builds stamina and flexibility.
Strengthen heart and lungs.
No load on joints helps people with knee and ankle joint problems.
20-30 min thrice a week is optimum to be fit.
To loose weight try aqua-aerobics.

Gentle form, suitable for all ages.
Ideal for ones those have highly demanding and stressful life, it works on both mind and body.
Flexibility is achieved and all muscles and joints are healthier.
Feeling of confidence and well being is felt.
Starting with twice week and increasing to your requirement up to everyday is fine.
Cures many illnesses and increases strength.
Loosing weight is not the goal but ideal weight is maintained along with toned body.
Aging process is delayed as you feel rejuvenated.

If the closed environment makes you fell restricted golf is a very good option.
Walking on the green blanket itself is relaxing.
Women seems to be more enthusiastic for this new game.
Walking 3-6 miles on course builds leg strength.
It’s a fabulous cardiovascular workout.
The swing of clubs gives upper body more flexibility.
Twice a week is good to keep fit.
Depends on time you have 9 holes take 2 hrs and 18 holes take 5hrs. You will burn a lot of calories even though this is a low intensity exercise.

Can be done anywhere.
Lowest dropout rate than any other activity.
Easy safe and enjoyable.
It is an all season sport suitable with everyone and every health condition.
Lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure makes heart healthier.
Lifts spirits and energy levels.
40 min walk twice or thrice will raise your pulse and increase circulation.
Most effective fat burning exercise.
For faster weight loss walk faster and on slight inclines.

It’s a social sport that everyone usually enjoys.
Fun as well as physically challenging.
Superb Cardio Vascular workout aids strength flexibility to upper body and lower body.
A game of singles played for an hour twice a week provides a good level of fitness.
Calorie burning depends on your game more active you are more active your results.

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Gentle and relaxing Pilates is ideal for those who want to improve their postures.
Shoulder and back problems related to postures benefit tremendously.
Joint movements are improved and increase in energy felt.
Age is not a barrier nor is your weight.
Similar to yoga except that does not include meditation.
Twice a week for 1-2 hrs gives good results.
Not much weight seen but definitely more shape along with poise and confidence.

Kickboxing, circuits, aerobics, dancing, choose any or combine to suit you. So give a big excuse to excuses and pick one for your health and transform. For life is beautiful but more beautiful with good health!

Tip - Massage is a gentle form of exercise as it prevents toxic overload, and induces sleep.

Above information is given in good faith, however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.Your questions and suggestions are welcome at: renashukla@bigpond.com.


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