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Article submission, Saturday, 29th December 2007

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Simply detox your self, lots of people mistake detox as something very harsh and difficult. But its not true you don’t starve to detox. Different dietitians feel differently about detox and their methods, but all of them agree that after having too many heavy meals surely our body needs some relaxing, just like we need after a hard day. Our bodies after doing digestion for all sorts of stuff results in overly stuffed tummies so we need to slow down and relax.
Some simple recipes so that you and your body both have less work to do!

Juicing is the mantra, its energising and satiating, full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, naturally sugared, blood cleanser and detoxifier, and an antioxidant, easily absorbed and lastly quick to make!

Guidelines for perfect juicing


  • All fruits or veggie’s to be juiced should be raw, ripe and firm.
  • To old or too unripe fruits may not be tasty or healthy.
  • For maximum freshness, and preserve nutrients cut, chop the fruits and vegetables just before juicing as some of the vitamins are oxidised by air.
  • Do not peel soft fruits as most of the nutrients are just below the skin.
  • De seed the fruits as some of the seeds can be toxic even the central part of carrot should be discarded (in olden days it was thought to promote abortion, even papaya seeds).
  • It’s best to drink juice within 5 min of making to avoid nutrient loss.

If for reasons you need to wait to drink than best would to refrigerate at very low temp or freeze them.

Night –hopper

3 medium sized carrots cut into pieces
1 medium sized apple
2-3 celery sticks
1 orange
2-3 soaked almonds
4-5 basil leaves

Juice them all up together. This is an ideal drink to boost your energy and keep you hopping all your day with carrots giving beta-carotene, your night vision improves and fibre from apple cleanses your body with orange and basil giving the immunity, almond give the required essential fats and folic acid, great antioxidant and protects skin against sun damage.


Green cooler

1/2 small musk melon, peeled de-seeded and cut in pieces.
1 medium sized cucumber unpeeled cut into pieces.
2-3 twigs of mint for decoration and crushed ice.

Juice all the ingredients, add ice and pour it in glass, serve immediately (optional add lime or grate ginger or rock salt if you like tangy and sour)

Cucumber being full of water high in moisture has strong diuretic action and thus helps to remove toxins is high in fibre when eaten with skin and helps in lots of skin problems like acne besides it also has calcium, zinc folic acid Vit A and C. Low in calories.


and some other alternatives

Kid’s Tropical delight–pineapple /coconut milk/ cashews.
For anemia–apple/tomato/ strawberries/ spinach.
For cholesterol-orange/ pineapple/ papaya/ green teas.

Depending on each ones requirement one can plan own juice to get maximum benefits but one thing is sure we surely can’t be healthy without fruits and veggie’s.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult your physician or dietitian before starting it. Your questions and suggestions are welcome at:

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