Do’s and Don't’s for Christmas

Article submission, Tuesday 19th December 2006

Festivals are a time to celebrate, feel good, be happy and spread happiness around.So pamper yourself and make it feel special but stay away from too much over over indulgence. Reward your self of the hard work during the year and prepare for some new resolutions.

DO’s and DON’T’s

Remember you can’t sacrifice nutrition for taste so eat all those sinful things in moderation but don’t skip healthy meals and most importantly a healthy breakfast.

Never Stop your exercise, maintain your routine as much as possible, at least you can walk in any part of the world.

Time to look good is also now, so stay away from too much alcohol.

Don’t forget that after all the heavy stuff you will need some fruits and veggies to sooth your tummy and your skin.

Now is the time to forget about deadlines, boss, meetings; so sleep like a baby, literally.

Sleep is the best medicine for every organ of the body, What a bagful of cosmetics will not do, sleep will do it for you{ and its free}

Drink lots of water 8-10 glasses and one extra for each alcohol you consume.

Be a bit selfish to feel and look rejuvenated do all you can, enjoy your self be it hobbies, movies, partying, or be it being with your self or a book and stop worrying about the dishes, children and relatives.


Never go to a party on an empty tummy or you will eat more than needed. Advisable it is to have some fruit before you leave, this will at least make you think before you put anything overindulgent on your plate, plus it will give you more control over choice.

Eat your food slowly and enjoy, eat every thing but rich foods in small quantities.

Think about good things while you eat, forget about annoying guests and emotional disturbances which only makes you eat more.

Remember that if you eat wrong food it makes you feel heavy, however when you eat healthily you feel lighter and energetic. Which will be your goal this holiday?


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