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"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" thus said Hippocrates the father of medicine some 400 years BC. Such wise words. It has taken until now for nutritional science to prove that these immortal words ring true. I am in belief that we now entering a new renaissance in personal well-being. Fully fueled by pro-active individuals who are dissatisfied with a global health crisis.

In retrospect our current predicament is directly indicative of how our lifestyles have changed over the years. It's kind of ironic that we in the western world who have such a luxury of choices as far as to our diet's concerned that others in less fortunate countries can only dream of, and yet we suffer badly from malnutrition disorders which has brought about increases in disease on an alarming scale.

Traditional nutritional education has taught us that we only need to eat from the right food groups, this would give us sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids as over viewed in the `nutrition essentials' and the `building blocks of life'.

a cells primary needs
Apart from all of these we also must include glyconutrients since they are essential for proper cell to cell communication, without which our immune system would be seriously impaired. It has now been established that these monosaccharides `form the backbone' of cellular interaction within the body which works much the same as an `OPERATING SYSTEM in a computer.

A very good non academic overview of this is explained in glycoinformation.

Much scientific data has now been published on this topic, from respected publications and international journals such as Acta Anatomica to Science the official journal of the American Academy of Science. These of which are highly technical peer reviewed articles to professionals in this field.

The essential nutrients

Glyconutrients have been scientifically shown to work as immune system `modulators' as opposed to stimulator's which they are not. In other words they maintain balance and correct functioning. By definition an over reactive immune system is one that attacks itself whilst an under reactive system makes itself vulnerable to attack from invasion.

Correct cellular communicational functioning is important for:

  • Normal cellular processes
  • Cellular immunity
  • Antibody function
  • signaling and recruitment

Is this the missing Link in human nutrition?

essential sugars The evidence is now becoming overwhelming showing that consuming dietary saccharides result in numerous health benefits. Found mostly in plants these monosaccharides play an intrinsic role in our overall health far beyond energy production, so therefore should not be confused with table sugar (sucrose) which has been shown we consume far too much of.

This results in our global obesity problem and its connection with `refined carbohydrates' found in the form of refined, bread, pastas, cereals, baked food as well as many processed foods. The real culprit being foods rich in starch (a polysaccharide composed entirely of glucose).

Glyconutritionals then have evaded the modern diet now for a number of decades, to the point that at best most of us only get 2 of the 8 needed sugars. Namely glucose (from varying sources) and galactose (from milk). Therefore 6 components of the communication alphabet are non existent!

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