Health Alphabet

Article submission, Tuesday 16th October 2007

This new alphabet of health is more for parents than for children because only if they follow it, they will be able to pass it on; and by doing this not only will they secure their health but the health of their generations to come.


Protects our body against free radicals produced by stress, sunlight, radiation. Vitamin C, E, Beta-carotene and Selenium are all antioxidants.
Guava, wheatgerm, strawberries, eggs and carrots.

B group Vitamins

B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 all are essential for healthy nervous system, body maintenance, food digestion and metabolism.
Sunflower seeds, Weetabix, meats and yeast extract.

Calcium C

Major constituent of bone and teeth, is the mineral needed in greatest quantity. Important to prevent osteoporosis in women, and helps smooth functioning of muscles.
Poppy seeds, cheese and milk.

Vitamin D

Important for absorption of calcium and phosphorus, can be manufactured by the action of sunlight on skin. Vitamin E protects cell membrane from oxidation, stops building plaques in arteries, protects against ageing and increases immunity.
Sunflower oil, sun-dried tomatoes and safflower oil.


Calorie dense food for one gram gives 9 calories. The healthy proportion in food should be:

30% saturated fats
06% transfats
18% polyunsaturates
36% monounsaturates
Most oils and fish.


The phytochemical with anti-cancer properties found in cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and kale.

Healthy Diet

50-55% carbohydrates (complex)
15 -20% protein
25-30% fats
0-5% alcohol


Healthy functioning of Thyroid gland.
Healthy metabolism and growth.
Found in sea food and vegetables.

Junk food

Stay away from all mass produced food it as much as you can.

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