Food as medicine

Article submission, Friday 15th December 2006

Twenty or even may be ten years ago, no one would have believed that we would be urged to drink red wine for a healthy heart, or eat tomato ketchup to help prevent cancer, Yes, you got it we’ll discuss Food as medicine. The last decade has been one with lots of focus on food as medicine and that sure is the way to move ahead, at least it won't have any side effect like our regular medicines. Medical professionals and the scientific world is also realizing the drawback of drugs and more natural methods of cure and prevention are regaining popularity. DIET is the first choice in this change so what we eat acts like a medicine, how wonderful won't it be great for both our pocket and our life.

The World is slowly moving towards healing both internally and externally after being exhausted by all glittery and glamorous things and exploiting each sense [ taste ,touch, smell, sight, sound] resulting in a diseased state and one of the most feared disease even today being cancer.

The report from the World Cancer Research Fund estimates that up to 40% of cancers through out the world could be avoided by means of correct diet and maintaining body weight. Increase intake of wide variety of fruits and vegetables is vital key in the fight against cancer as its directly linked with decrease of incidences of cancer of stomach, lungs, breast, prostrate, mouth, pancreas and bladder.

Vegetables and fruits not only contain fibres, vitamins and minerals but they also have hidden compounds which are called Phytochemicals. Under phytochemicals there are number of other groups such as flavonoids, indoles, sterols and phenols and within them are further subgroups each with unique function which are marvelous at helping to prevent block or suppress carcinogens or tumours.

Prostrate and Bowel Cancer
Tomatoes contain carotenoid and lycopene. Processing the tomatoes releases it ready for absorption and protects us against prostate and bowel cancer. Cherry tomatoes are the richest in this matter.

Lung and Colon Cancer
Broccoli contains indole, a cancer fighting agent and also contains glucosinolate which break down in body to form sulphoraphanes which fight the cancer of lung and colon. Watercress is rich in isothiocyanate which prevents lung cancer.

Breast Cancer
Yams are high in phyto oestrogen which help to protect against breast cancer and hormonal imbalance.
Grape Skin is rich in resveratrol a compound which inhibits cancer development.
Ellagic acid found in cherries and strawberries also block cancer.
Oranges rich in phenol lutein and linolene fights well against breast, colon and skin cancer.

DO’s and Don’t to avoid cancer

Regular exercise.
Detox the body at least annually.
Meditation, Yoga and Breathing exercise helps for anxiety and stress.
Avoid exposing skin to strong sun light especially between 12pm-4pm.
Sunscreen is a must even on a cloudy day.
Avoid Smoking.
Avoid food additives.
Avoid Nitrates found in processed meats [bacon and sausages].
Avoid contaminated or mouldy foods particularly peanuts.
Avoid being overweight.
Have regular body checkups.

This latest health drink consists of wheat grains sprouted until they become young and then pureed. It is an antioxidant, immune-boosting, tonic and detoxifier with lots of nutrients and chlorophyll that cleanse the system giving not only healthy body but a beautiful skin.

The main active ingredient in the plant is said to be mucopolysaccharide helps to cure allergies and inflammation. It has a detoxifying effect on the body and cures constipation externally it’s equally important as internally for rashes acne and wounds and good conditioner for hair.

Exceptionally high in magnesium and selenium the antioxidant mineral which helps to protect against heart disease, aging and cancer. Rich in Vit B and Vit E also rich in Zinc, Potassium and proteins. Just 2 or 3 nuts provide 100% RDA for selenium.

Rich source of Vit C. It is said to rejuvenate the cells, tone up tissues and strengthen the organs. Enhancer of immunity and has soothing effect on the mind. Dried amla (indian gooseberry) provides 900mg Vit C per 100g It also tighten sagging skin and guards against the flabbiness & wrinkles. Protects against Cancer, cough and fever.

HEALTH-Most people watching weight tend to think, "I’m going out so I won’t eat all day.” This is wrong because if you’re starving you won’t be able to make controlled food choices. So eat something and have control.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.


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