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Article submission, Sunday 29th March 2009

Millions of people in the world suffer from disease of heart and blood vessels called cardiovascular diseases; Ischaemic heart is one of which resulting in partial blockages of coronary arteries by atherosclerosis and thrombosis leading to poor blood supply to heart muscles.

It is one of the most common causes of illness, disability and many times death. Major symptoms are angina (crushing pain in the chest) spreading up to neck and the down left arm and worst outcome is myocardial infraction (heart attack).

High blood pressure cholesterol triglycerides and LDL are associated with build up of fat deposits in the blood vessels and lead to coronary artery blockage.

Diet plays the most important role, during such times avoid red meats, eggs, full cream milk and dairy and decrease fat in take direct and indirect both like butter ghee or cakes, sauces, ready snacks. Reduce salt intake or use potassium salt as an alternative.
Diet should be high in complex carbohydrate and fibre oats, linseed, fruits and veggies other super food are Alfalfa, almonds,soya beans, apricots, black eye beans, broccoli, butter beans, cantaloupe melon, chickpea, okra, muesli.

Besides following a diet there are some Therapeutic Yoga asanas which are highly beneficial to bring health to normal condition. There are 10 asanas but start with four basics. Remember all asanas are done till your capacity and comfort do not exert more than your limit and always breathe at least 10 breaths in one asana.

   Vajrasana(thunderbolt pose)
Sit back on your heels and interlock your hands, fold knees buttocks rest on the heels. Stretch your arms overhead with interlocked palms facing ceiling.

Parighasana(gate pose)
Kneel on your right knee and take your left leg out on the side. Stretch your right arm overhead rest your left hand on your left leg and slowly start gliding into a side stretch to left. Repeat on the other side.

   Anjaneyasana(lunge pose)
Kneel on your right knee and place your left leg in front of you Lunge forward to align left knee over left ankle. Take your arms forward and upward bring them in to prayer position Look up if your neck is ok. Repeat on other side.

Bhujang asana cobra pose)
Lie on your tummy and place shoulders and elbow close to your body. Put your palms on the floor and bring your head and chest up into a comfortable backward bend and experience the stretch in abs muscles.

Colour therapy suggests wearing more of green colour or green gems around your neck as green is the colour of heart chakra.

But above all a healthy heart is a heart which has compassion, friendliness, is non-envious of others and has equanimity of mind so give love and see your heart bloom!

For more information on yoga and the timings of new batches log on to www.livingsmart.in or call 0431256783 to inquire more. Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult a physician or dietician. Your questions and suggestions are welcome at: smartediets@gmail.com

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