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Article submission, Thursday 3rd July 2008

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The human heart is without doubt an extraordinary organ, in an adult it weighs in at around 200 - 425 grams, and is about the size of a fist and beats approximately 100,000 times a day with the precision of a fine Swiss watch. With every beat, it alone separates us all from life and death. Having said this it is so easy for us to become complacent in respect to it's (and our overall) health and neglect it in many ways.

   In order to keep it in top working condition it only takes a few careful lifestyle choices to insure it stays that way. This article covers a few of the main points worth stressing upon. They can be summerised into diet, physical activity, and some other simple choices like reducing stress in your life. It's unfortunate we were not issued with a manual for it's care however nature in it's divine wisdom never suspected for one moment that humanity would develop such an unprecedented arrogance as to the decisions we bring upon ourselves.

Keeping out of the fat zone

   Diet as we all know plays such an important part in our lives, and changing it for the better does not necessarily mean dull and boring foodstuffs. We have been seduced over the years into the fast convenient food arena which is slowly killing us all. I am not saying that one must abstain from such rather be more selective and balance it more wisely. Don't believe all you hear with regard to being healthy, natural for you etc. Low glycemic is better on the whole and when it comes to fats, unsaturates are better than saturates, the latter being animal based as opposed to the better plant based fats or oils. Fats should not be totally eliminated (even though that would not be an easy task) as simple fat molecules (lipids) are what cell walls are created from.

blood pressure test Sugars or carbohydrates are a hot topic also. Think simple rather than complex or refined. Plants by virtue of nature produce simple carbohydrates and our bodies have no problems dismantling these for use. The consumption of grains, cereals and fruit and vegetables will go along way in keeping your heart system in good working order. Should you need to take additional supplements in your diet, make sure they are `naturally derived' and have foodstuff sources on the label as opposed to just a vitamin and mineral listing. In the end better eating habits help us to lose and control weight, look and feel better.

Staying alive with activity in mind

   This doesn't mean becoming athletic overnight as this will end you quicker than you started. More so getting of the couch and get things happening. Use any opportunity you can to walk a little more, switching the TV off usually helps here. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or lift. Try parking the car a little further away from your destination. Just be creative on this topic, generally speaking some is better than non at all. Many experts now agree that accumulating 30 mins of physical activity a day is a big step in the right direction and don't forget that famous Nike Motto `Just Do It'.

Clearing the smoke

   I surely doubt anyone would reasonably argue (the evidence now given) that smoking is safe. Virtually everyone is now full aware that that it is a prime factor in many cardiovascular vascular illnesses as well as cancer, emphysema, and many oral diseases. For your hearts sake take a breath of fresh air instead and butt out that stub forever.

Before finishing here are some beneficial items to add to your diet.

It's healthful properties have been known for some 5,000 years. It's powerful aroma is also the substance that makes it so beneficial. So if your eating it with a partner make sure he/she eats some also otherwise you will be out of luck.

Grape seed extract
A natural source of folic acid.

Hawthorn berry extract
Has a long history of medicinal uses by herbalists.

Carambola fruit
Also known as `star fruit' which comes from Asia and is very high in vitamin C.

Semi-essential amino acid found in meats, wheat germ, cottage cheese, ricotta, nuts, eggs, milk and granola.

Also an amino acid found in red meats, fish, beef, human milk and animal tissue.

So remember to play the game of hearts and play to WIN.....

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