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Article submission, Monday 4th August 2008

Here are are a few important key points to keeping well in today's world.

To deal with minor rashes on skin, add a few basil leaves in the bath water.

Have a mixture of mustard paste and honey for relief from cough.

To improve blood flow and cure kidney stones grapes are very helpful.

Sugarcane’s alkaline nature helps fight against breast and prostate cancer and prevent colds and flues.

   Australian research suggest mental exercise like puzzles, learning new languages, keeps off age related disease.

Young children with colic pain should be given banana with yogurt.

Peaches are good for digestion and also prevent certain cancers perhaps you had it everyday!

People whose diets are rich in Vitamin E are less likely to develop cataracts and which you’ll get it in leafy greens, oils, seeds and nuts.

   Woman who exercise regularly are less likely to develop urinary incontinence.

Sleep is crucial; people who are hard up for sleep are more likely to make risky decisions.

Washing your face with raw milk it is an effective way to get rid of acne.

Bringals are rich in potassium and used as a remedy for hypertension and diabetes.

   Have basil tea if you are suffering from cold and cough.

Infusion of Chamomile flowers is good hair tonic.

Watercress is effective for freckle free skin.

Flax seeds lower cholesterol and also cure constipation.

Fennel cure flatulence, colic and indigestion.

Mint in the tea is not only refreshing and flavourful but also a cooling agent, so this summer its go minty!

10 changes to change you weight

  1. No junk-order a sandwich and salad instead of burger and fries.
  2. 420 calories in mocha latte with cream, instead have cappuccino with low fat milk and loose three pounds a month.
  3. Aerated drinks -150 calories and no nourishment have diet ones or water...choose.
  4. Change chips to pretzels and you’ll have taken six times less calories.
  5. Walk for 30 min and see one pound walk away in a month.
  6. House work and cleaning car half an hour a day cuts another half a pound.
  7. Baked or grilled chicken without skin is healthier than fried stuff save 200 calories/meal.
  8. Run 20 min a day to burn 200 calories.
  9. Switching from cereals to bran flakes helps loose half a pound.
  10. No full fat milk no butter no mayo and see the difference within your self.

A Thought
When life becomes a nagging routine indulge in some harmless pranks and spark it up!

Did you know?
Brown bread you eat each morning feeling healthy may probably not be whole wheat at all! It may be caramelized sugar trick. David Copperfield are you there?

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietician before starting it. Your questions and suggestions are welcome at:

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