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Article submission, Thursday, 7th December 2006

Take charge of your life this summer and welcome the 2007 with a positive mind and body and become a cool man. Cool is taking control of you life instead of life controlling you and your life style. As men,you are less likely to pay attention to your diet and well -being. Though you are trying to catch up with women but unlikely unless you give up those beers and smokes. Bigger problem with men is they don’t take health very seriously on subtle signs until something drastic happens.Being from mars do sometimes makes you fail to understand finer Venusians things but no worry’s queries are solved today.

Studies have shown men are less interested in their nutritional status then women and are far less likely to supplement in order to meet their nutritional needs but as men still generally drink more than women so they will need to take extra vitamins and mineral to prevent long term damage.

Physically being harsh to body by drinking, smoking and even working for long hours. Irregular meal times grabbing handy food to eat are high in fats and those teas and coffees during the day really exerts the body. Emotionally unable to express feelings freely or not able to have those outbursts as women do, really works heavily on their heart besides the stress caused by being too competitive and ambitious. Men are not protected from heart problems as they lack estrogen and progesterone, the female hormones which protect the women.

For maintaining optimal health men need:

500-25000 IU of vita A as beta-carotene
B-complex vitamins twice a day
Vit C 200 600mg daily (men with reduced sperm count need extra vit C, zinc and vit E)
200-400 IU of vit E
200-400 IU of vit D
Zinc as Zinc gluconate or picolinate10-15mg daily
Selenium 50-200mcg
Molybdenumat 50-100mcg
Calcium 200-1000mg
Copper 12mg

Men suffering from prostate enlargement should take extra vitamin B-complex.
Men who are into too much physical work or are athletic need magnesium.

Common problems and cures

Avoid all acidic foods ,white sugar, orange juice, tomato juice, cheese, beer and processed foods.
Eat at regular times, avoid empty stomach for long hours and no late night meals.
Take an acidophilus capsule thrice daily.
Drink green tea or organic peppermint tea.

SNORING{I know women are thanking me for this}
Blocked nose sometimes cause this so use nasal sprays to clear congestion.
Swollen tonsils may also be the cause so if the problem is persistent see a surgeon.
Sometimes allergens could also cause the problem take garlic and horseradish tablets.
Sleep with your head slightly raised and always on your sides never on the back.
Do not drink wines very close to sleeping time.
Do regular moderate exercise to improve your oxygen circulation also check your hemoglobin.

Eliminate all saturated fats butter,ice-cream and fried foods.
Limit your sugar intake in terms of beer, wine, tea, coffee and confectioneries.
Daily consume Deep sea fish.
Read meat only once or twice a week.
Hand full of almonds.
Have more colour fruits.
mangoes,peaches,oranges,strawberries,cherries,kiwi etc.
Drink two litres of water a day.
Have Co-Q tablets to prevent against heart disease.
Magnesium helps normal heart beat.


B-complex and folate tablet.
Ginko-biloba twice a day.
Practice Yoga (sirs asana).

Take more amino acids.
Yoga (sirs asana).

Lower your intakes of alcohol and saturated fats.
Drink lots of water.
Detoxify your liver.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.

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