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Article submission, Thursday 12th October 2006

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It has to be said that mental health or our state of mental wellness is not necessarily the exact opposite of mental disorder, far from it. So far as to say that the non existence of mental disorder does not constitute a healthy state of mind. When it comes to psychological functioning it is rarely a case of black and white, and references on mental well being are few on the internet unless one is looking at mental improvement or development. However there is absolutely no shortage of material and resources in respect to the opposite polarity pertaining to mental disorders.

So HOW DO WE define mental wellness?

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Well Merriam-Webster defines mental health as "a state of emotional and psychological well being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society and meet the demands of everyday life"

I believe a further defining may be described as being able to handle everyday stress levels, maintain normal interactive relationships and have stable emotional tendencies e.g. non eratic mood swings. On the subject of emotions,chemical balances inside the brain can change dramatically with our emotional state and can definitely make us `think and see things differently'. However in conclusion the more we attain a stabilised level of of mental health brings us a step closer to human self-actualization, which is the pinnacle of self development.

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Mental wellness is governed by two major factors, namely:

  • Biological intervention - drug medications and usage, family history and illness.
  • Social intervention - traumatic events, stress caused by relationships or economic status.

Both of which effect our emotional state. Stages of mental wellness can be improved through following strategies such as:

  • The degree of physical activity or sport one adopts.
  • Balanced nutrition and good eating habits.
  • Adequate rest and sleep.
  • Positive attitude that includes humour, creativity and faith.
  • Emotionally enriched environments whereby bringing diversity into ones life, meaningful activities
  • Contributions to society by being active within the community based on skills you have to offer and even ones which you wish to learn.
  • Building self esteem through skills and social interaction.

We will be covering these in more detail later... Dedicated to contributing to your personal growth and development. Living life fully and productively requires skills. Essential Life identifies those skills and gives you strategies for acquiring them.

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