Nurturing for the Future

Article submission, Monday 2nd June 2009

When children are born, they are like blank slates on which their parents' help to script the beginnings of the stories of their lives. Every child grows up and ultimately charts his own destiny, but his parents lay the foundation.

We may not want to, but we do make life difficult for our school going kids. We hurt their self esteem when we say “if Andy and Mira can get good ranks, why cant you?" We hurt their emotions when we give them laptop but not our laps to sit upon. We take their self control when someone hits them and we tell them to handle it by themselves and they end up doing the same

What happens to these kids with weakened emotional, mental and moral mind set? They grow up to walk the path of violence, drug abuse, depressions, and unknown disorders and even become suicidal. As parents and mentors we have to act before it’s too late. Start with few a simple and good things done and spoken at the young of age can have an emotional domino effect that empowers the Child’s mental and emotional make up.

Don’t insult your child - ever. Choose words very carefully even when they have done something wrong. For instance, don’t say you are a bad boy because you broke the flower vase.” say breaking things is bad. Address the problem not the person.

Comparing his/her performance in exams, learning and sports with their classmates, brothers, sisters or even yours, is a sure shot self esteem damager, instead compare him/her with their own past performance.

Never teach children to hit back, instead teach him how to resolve the conflict.

Teach your kid(s) that real failure is not trying at all. Teach him it doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen but it surely matter how many times you got up.

Don’t use your Child's rank, medals, or trophies to win prestige in society.

Remember too many threats, punishments and competition releases stress hormones that harm your child’s brain and emotional stability. So be careful.

    At every opportunity empower your child with confidence that I am with you, come what may. It helps them to be more stable in times of adversity.

Make sure your daily conversation is not limited only to school, marks and exams.

And that giving is a great way to show your love or feelings but it is not the only way, also expensive gifts don’t say you love more, the gift has to be appreciated without value attached to it, this has to be taught to raise balanced children who know to be happy within their means.

    Giving expensive gifts going out of budget to fulfill all wishes is a way of leading them to a materialistic world where they will never be truly satisfied.

Best of all is to be a living example of what you want them to be. Remember they will not so much listen to your words rather they will follow your action and we know actions speak louder than words.

If there are any challenges already developed guide them to a hobby or enroll them for activity which helps them overcome their shyness or aggressiveness to makes them more confident focused and calm. Yoga, singing, painting, dancing, remember sending for an extra maths class is not developing a hobby.

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