Fitness programs for a new age

Getting top class fitness coaching was at one point in time the luxury of performing athletes, whilst the rest of us made do with whatever means we had at our disposal, not any more it seems. New online technology has definitely changed many aspects of our lives, and in the realm of health and fitness new options are beginning to unfold that allows us all to take advantage of sport and exercise mentoring. Now anyone can have an arsenal of help behind them to reach their peak performance, the only thing this new technology cannot give you is the motivation and will. Given that this is in place these new tools will be help to both inspire and encourage you to do your best.

Free Customized Workouts is one perfect example of this new age fitness model. This business has many facets to complement anyones athletic talents whether you are a seasoned professional or a newbie to the game. I was totally impressed with what they have on offer. Just to give you an idea I have comprised a short list of Hyperstrike's offerings:

  • Customized workout plan to match your experience, level, available equipment and goals.
  • Personalized fitness calendar to track your results.
  • Online exercise lab with 3-D animated exercises, instruction and training.
  • Hundreds of articles on fitness and nutrition.
  • Motivational self starter guide.
  • Email coaching from top fitness trainers and experts.
  • Phone Call coaching from top fitness trainers and experts.
  • Hundreds of printable and down loadable workouts.
  • And much more!

Don't like the idea of taking your notebook to the gym. Me neither I kind of find it gets in the way of things. So the solution is to put all your program into any Windows based hand held device. Problem solved.

If quality sites like this is to (hopefully) be the future of the internet then all I can say is bring it on.

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