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Q: Is fat free, no sugar, low carb better for me if I want to loose weight?

A: For years now you have learnt to shop by the signals done by marketers in order to sell their products. They are largely printed on the front of the food labels. However most of the foods that need marketing and advertising are the ones that are stopping you from achieving your fat loss goals. Or do you think that an apple or an almond needs a label that says fat free or sugar free?

If you walk into the supermarket and head towards the isle full of processed foods, you will find a whole lot of foods marked as healthy or better for you. The foods labeled as low fat are high in sugar; the ones labeled low in sugar are high in fat, the ones labeled low in sugar and fat are flavoured with sweeteners that maybe cancerous.

The reason that you do have cravings for something sweet is because you are eating something sweet on regular basis. Having simple or refined sugars (found in bleached and refined flour) elevates your blood sugar levels up to the roof. The way you deal with it is you release a hormone called insulin to balance it out. However the body always releases too much insulin, therefore bringing your blood sugar below its normal level, which makes you hungry, tired and irritated. So you are better of staying away from all that garbage.

If you are throwing a birthday party do your shopping in an organic shop. You will find lots of goodies that are far better quality than the processed foods found in supermarkets. Look for something like organic dried fruit, nuts, goji berries, organic oat and carob cookies, dark chocolate covered nuts, organic dark chocolate, organic berry yoghurt, and organic ice cream or gluten free products.

They are full of great nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and taste fantastic. But remember the less sweets you have the less you will crave them. These are just ideas for cheat meals when you eat 80-90% of the time healthy nutritious foods. Make it a special occasion rather than a habit to indulge in these foods.

Q: What health food products and supplements are good for me?

A: At least 3 capsules a day of Omega 3 Concentrate (helps to mobilize stored body fat, improve lipid profile, reduced heart disease risk, reduced joint inflammation, improve eye sight, improve brain/ nervous function, improve insulin sensitivity, arthritis, hair, skin, nails and much more), Echinacea + Zinc (to maintain healthy immune system), Glucose manager (to maintain blood sugar levels and cravings), Grounded Organic Linseed (high in omega 3 and fibre), a good Multivitamin (needed especially when you exercise), Goji berries, Organic Green tea and Cacao powder The Mayan Super food (which are high in antioxidants that fight the free radicals in your body causing cancer), Organic Barley Spirulina complex (maintains healthy bowel movements, alkalizes stomach acids, regulates sugar cravings and high in antioxidants), Vital greens (full of organic ingredients packed with nutrients and vitamins to help support your immune system) and Organic Probiotic living food (great for digestion problems).

Q: Is organic food better for me?

A: Yes! In today’s society we have more and more disease, cancer and illness, not only from fast food, but the big chain supermarket foods that are full of the pesticides, industrial and farming chemicals, fertilizers and foods that are genetically modified. So go organic! If your argument is that organic food is more expensive, just have a look at your doctor’s bills and the amount of money that you spend on drugs, health professionals and specialists to relief the pain and the symptoms caused by bad nutrition and stressful lifestyle. I would much rather spend $1 more on an organic apple that has 80% more vitamins and tastes good than the one you buy in a supermarket which is full of harmful chemicals and toxins in order to make it smell and look like an apple.

Q: Why is it so important that I eat healthily?

A: You are what you eat. If you eat badly, you have bad skin, bad teeth, frizzy hair, bad nails, you feel tired, depressed, stressed, get sick very often, you are always hungry, and you feel bloated and constipated. You will be most likely overweight or obese that is linked to diabetes, heart disease, High Blood pressure, stress, arthritis and osteoporosis. So instead of spending a fortune on doctors and pills that just cover up the symptoms, you can eat healthily.

If you nourish your body with nutrients from organic meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish oil and super green foods full of antioxidants (to fight the cancerous free radicals) you will feel fantastic, will be full of life and energy, you will have beautiful skin, healthy body weight, healthy mind and spirit.

PS: I have been a qualified personal trainer for more than four years now and I have done lots of research on nutrition and exercise. So if you have any questions I will be very happy to help anyone who has concerns about their health and well being. So please don’t hesitate to email me on

My life motto:

To prevent disease, optimize weight and live longer by exercising and eating foods that will nourish my body.

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