Relief from PMS

Article submission, Friday 5th January 2007

To reduce breast tenderness decrease your caffeine intake (coffee, tea or soft drinks).

Reduce your fat intake, but do take in omega-3 fatty acids either by eating oily fish or supplementation to ease the symptoms.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake along with whole grains.

Eat less salt and salty foods and also processed foods to avoid water retention and bloating.

Avoid alcohol before your periods at least 10 days ahead to avoid mood swings and feeling low.

Regular exercise will help release fluids that causes bloating and breast tenderness and alleviate feeling of depression.

Try to increase your intake of nutritious carbohydrate rich foods, as this may increase your level of circulating serotonins which cause you to feel good; sufferers may be lacking here which is a reason for craving rich carbohydrates.

Limit your intake of sugary foods to help reduce dizziness, irritability and tremors.

Evening primrose oil in the form of capsules is highly beneficial.

Try to be happy, remember the good times, forget the bad ones, and if smile is not forthcoming to you naturally, then fake it. As they say fake it till you make it as smiling naturally relaxes you.


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