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Preventative Health Care & Detoxification:
By having a Naturopathic Health Risk Assessment to determine weaknesses and investigate the causes of sub-normal body functions both partners will have the opportunity to optimize their health before conception – naturally. The first step to maximise the potential to reach optimum health is to complete a Comprehensive Detoxification Program, including:
  1. Liver/Gallbladder & Kidney/Bladder Flush and anti-parasite supplements.
  2. Colon irrigation treatments to clean out toxic waste and parasites (semi digested food, trapped waste, gasses, yeast, worms, non-beneficial bacteria).
  3. Eliminate heavy metals (copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.).
  4. Recolonise good bacteria flora with high quality Probiotics to protect bowel from parasitic reinfestation.
  5. Establish optimum mineral/vitamin/hormone levels.

   Zinc is one of the most important minerals for male reproductive health. It is essential for healthy sperm count and quality, as well as being vital for optimum immune functions. Magnesium and vitamin B complex with extra B6 may reduce the risk of morning sickness. Regular intake of Folic Acid (Folate) well before, during and after pregnancy could protect mother and child from connective tissue problems and helps the foetus to develop healthy nervous system.

The Pregnancy Preparation Program, in our clinic, starts with a comprehensive Naturopathic Health Risk Assessment, which integrates ancient wisdom with latest technology, followed by a complete Detox and Health Optimisation Program. The program takes an average of 3 months to complete (for both partners) and includes an individually tailored Progress Plan, which helps the mother to be to design appropriate diet, nutrition, activity and life style adjustments to optimise her chance to conceive, enjoy pregnancy and provide optimum environment for her child.

What happens if it is an accidental pregnancy?

   Accident happens, but for the child’s sake, please try to avoid it! Immediate adjustments to avoid bad habits (late nights, wild parties, access alcohol intake, smoking, heavy exercise, etc.) to avoid complications. Get help from a well trained professional to a design diet, nutrition, life style adjustments and pregnancy friendly detox program. Pregnant women need plenty of sleep; avoid spicy and heavy food; spend time in water such as swimming, spa treatments (gentle), and learn meditation and yoga. Should spend at least an hour per day with her child in a peaceful environment by listening to gentle music and learning skills in pregnancy care and post-natal duties.

Have fun and be happy!

Issues during pregnancy – handy tip #1

   Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is thought to be caused by the increased levels of hormones being produced by the placenta and/or Gallbladder malfunctions. It can be triggered or aggravated by low blood sugar level and eating fried food.

To avoid: Eat small, regular meals to maintain blood sugar levels; don’t eat fried food for dinner; munch on ginger or drink ginger tea; have veggie-juices first thing and with regularity during the day; be in bed by not later then 10:30 pm. (by the body-clock the Gallbladder and Liver starts its recovery at 11 pm. - Chinese medicine).

Composed by Dr Thomas Bige MD ND

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