Article submission, Wednesday, 6th December 2006

This article is for all the mothers-to-be and also is for those who are planning towards their journey to motherhood. Congratulate your self, for not only are you brave, but You are now going to experience a divine quality of selfless love. This journey can be challenging but mostly however it should be ultimately fulfilling and rewarding.

Every mothers dream is to have a normal, less painful delivery and a healthy baby. Diet and mental attitude of mother decides the health of baby so start to take care even before you conceive; Fathers too play a major role by supporting and caring.

A healthy diet and peaceful mind should be goal of couples during planning of baby. Studies show environmental factors and unbalanced diet play major role in causing birth defects, still births and miscarriages.

Smoking and alcohol should be avoided even before conception and even after tobacco, lead, overheated oils, charred or barbecued foods, radiation and diazepam tranquilizers, drugs, viral infection and smoke from diesel engines should be avoided as they may cause harmful mutation. These pollutants and toxins may cause damage to the healthy multiplying cells of the fetus.

Folic acid should be started before conceiving to avoid birth defects along with Iron, Vit E and Vit C, a good multivitamin and mineral supplement can be supportive for a healthy conception.

Once the pregnancy is established its important to eat nutritious foods because what you eat now affects your babies health and also taste buds, food preference after birth and thereafter.
Eating protective foods like burdock, mint, broccoli, green bell pepper, apples, shallots, pineapple, ginger, cabbage, eggplants, parsley and grapes. Caffeine containing drinks should be avoided and tea and coffee should be limited as too much is associated with miscarriages.

Eat five portions of fruits, Whole wheat, cereals and unpolished brown rice. As calcium and iron requirement increase, it is important to have milk and milk products and green veggies along with pulses and meat and poultry. Fats should be had but in limitation.

Herbal supplements with unknown ingredients should be avoided as they may have some toxins. Pre-packed foods, raw ready made salads, half cooked eggs or meat, stale food and certain sea foods should be avoided Care should be taken to avoid infections to avoid unnecessary medicines. For small ailments use home remedies.

Appropriate weight gain is one indicator of a healthy progressing pregnancy. Ideal weight for your height should be reached before conception but trying to loose weight afterwards is harmful. Too much weight gain is also harmful as it leads to high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, hormonal imbalance, anemia; low-birth weight baby, premature labour, difficult labour or a C section delivery.

For health weight gain you may choose 3 main meals or six small ones depending on your health and lifestyle but nutrition is the key Exercise and postures are very important for normal delivery and to avoid pains and aches during last trimester. Light exercise, stretches, walk and breathing exercise all helps to ease labour.


Improves by 2nd trimester so relax. Anxiety of the new responsibility and worries regarding future aggravates it. Discuss your worries with a experienced friend eat a apple in the morning or lime juice. Avoid large meals.

As the baby grows, the uterus competes with all the organs for space which causes acid reflux. Avoid spicy foods and late meals; do Pranayam and have safe antacids on hand.

Due to relaxation of ligaments supporting spine and postural strain. Sleep on firm mattress. Do spine strengthening exercise never bend to lift always sit and lift.

Can be for anything on earth ,till its healthy it fine but too much junk craving need to be consulted to find if there is lack of some nutrition which can be supplemented.

Due to effect of hormonal changes and less peristaltic movement of intestine Drink more fluids and fibre rich foods [figs,dates,prunes].

Due to overeating or over exertion have a balanced diet, rest more and reduce fluids and salt.


PAPAYA-It is a myth that you cannot eat during pregnancy in fact it gives fair complexion to baby. It is the most wholesome fruit. Daily requirement for minerals and Vitamins can be nearly be had from it. Vit C content increases with maturity. The inert sugar in it is a form of predigested food .Enzyme Papain helps in digestion and absorption of proteins. Rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and b-carotene. Cures constipation.

APPLES-Are good during the whole pregnancy as they are rich in iron, arsenic, phosphorus, cures diarrhea and constipation. Rich in calcium, Vit A and moisture with low glycemic index. Sedative and anxiety relaxant. Cure of fluid retention. Powerful against viral infections cures anemia and heart problems decongestion.

BASIL-Mood enhancer, clarifying effect on mind, sharpening the senses . Used to relieve labour pain. Cures constipation, Nauseas, Vomiting and stomach cramps and insomnia. It is regarded holy and life preserver and increases breast milk. Use in small amount.

SAFFRON-For easy delivery and glowing complexion of both mother & child. Use in last few weeks. A pinch in half cup milk is enough.

DIET TIP-2-3 soaked prunes acts as laxative.

BEAUTY TIP-Purifying mask-2tbsp white kaolin powder,1tbsp fine oatmeal,1tsp honey and chopped mint and spring water mix and leave for 15-20 min then wash off.

Keep reading for Next month on how to get back in shape after delivery.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.


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