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Article submission, Sunday 25th January 2009

Q. I am a 36 year old man, recently I was diagnosed with mild hypertension (BP) and border line cholesterol but have still not started any medication, which I don’t want to start. So am ready to do alternative methods to bring back my BP to normal and lower cholesterol?

A. It’s good to know you want to be serious about your condition and try alternative means before being stamped with hypertension and going on medication. Losing weight will always be number one dietary way to bring blood pressure numbers downAfter that comes raising your potassium intake while cutting down your sodium. Reports a new review of studies from Vanderbilt University School of medicine, USA. Most of us get only half the potassium we need. To meet your daily quota eat plenty of veggies, fruits, low fat, dairy, nuts, and seeds.

See the plan its simple!

Breakfast: 1 cup low fat milk, 2 slices whole-wheat toast with 2 tablespoon peanut butter and a medium banana - 895mg
Lunch: Mixed vegetable pulao, spinach paneer, rajma, grilled fish, plain yogurt - 1687mg
Mid-afternoon: Fruit platter (orange/pineapple/apple/sweet lime/pomegranate) plus lemon water - 380mg
Evening snacks: tomato soup, kiwi fruit - 427mg
Dinner: salad made with steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, yellow and red bell pepper. lettuce, drizzled with balsamic vinegar - 1112mg
Dessert: ½ cup chocolate pudding - 199mg

In total 4,700mg of potassium per day, great go!

   Q. I am 64 year old man slightly over weight, lately I have found myself unable to walk distances though I walk around the house without any discomfort. Doctor said I have a bad knee and need a knee replacement surgery but I am worried about the recovery post surgery?

A. Any body suffering from osteo or degenerative rheumatoid arthritis needs a new knee it can happen to anyone between age 40-90, your knees turn stiff and painful, or are deformed, once cartilage is destroyed, millions suffer from a bad knee, your fear about post recovery is a big worry of many with bad knee, which limits lots of sufferers to not go in for knee replacement. The fears are not totally baseless as The Surgical technique in knee replacement needs to be accurate. The skill of the surgeon is crucial as is also the type of knee used.Go for scorpion NRG knee system though a bit expensive but good, allows 0-150 degree movement and has a longer lever arm which reduces the stress on muscles and needs minimal cut in bone for insertion.

Recovery is simple you can begin walking the next day; by seventh day you can resume your activities. Total normalcy is regained in three weeks then you can do brisk walking, even squatting. Celebrate new knee!

   Q. What are Biomechanical equipments and could you explain advantages of organic foods?

A. Imagine a workout where your body twists and turns to the principles of a machine. With bio mechanical machines, you’re applying the laws of mechanics to your workout. you’ll never get injured using these. And these machines have a wide range of movements that work muscles well. The best part is they can be used by people of all ages.

Organic food is high in fibre and is very beneficial to those on weight loss diet. Go organic and go slow on animal products. These animals are often fed chemicals and hormones and reared in unknown conditions. Organic options should be considered especially for veggies and fruits that are not peeled such as apples strawberries cabbage etc.Pesticides and chemical residue in food are linked to cancer and obesity and birth defects, eating organic means you are taking care of your health.

Moving blues to living smart
Studies have shown that exercise can boost your mood. A 20,000 person British health survey reveals that any kind of physical activity can lift your spirits. Just one to three 20 min sessions a week reduced the chances of suffering from distress such as depression. Even gardening or mopping for 20 min every day. When choosing your activity, make sure you opt for something that you find fun, as then it won’t be difficult to stick to it and the benefits multiply with regularity.
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