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Article submission, Saturday 18th October 2008

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Diwali and Christmas are here and one can’t help but indulge in the fun and food, and why not after all it’s an annual event and we have waited anxiously for. Looking good is as much important as feeling good. First let’s start with looking good the glow in the eyes and the freshness in skin can only come if you have done some cleansing and rejuvenating Clear acne free complexion is what we all want but some external cleaning is required. Start cleansing of face with a good scrub, can get a loofah for your body, and give a good manicure, pedicure for hands and feet. Men can also indulge for a change.

   Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin everyday to look younger as it helps to minimize open pores and renew your skin. Use a good night cream as that is the time when cell renew and repair. Even oily skin needs lotion sebum is not hydration. A proper SPF 30 lotion is a must when you step out follow this for few weeks and see the result.

Tip: glycerin and granulated sugar are very good home made scrubs.

   For the internal glow and shiny eyes hydrate your body with lots of water and herbal teas and free it from toxic load. Go low on caffeine and sugars, try to detox your self by at least being on only fruits and veggies for a day each week, if you are greedy for good skin you can have a three day detox plan once in 20 days, have lots of proteins this will arrest your hair fall and give it a good shine. Add calcium (yogurt) for stronger looking nails and again good hair. Stay away from biscuits, cakes, oily food. You can then spare your self for the special day and enjoy your reward for keeping to your goals.

Tip: anti aging and skin friendly foods - Tomatoes, Green Teas, Grape juice, Walnuts, Watermelons, Apples, dahi or yogurt, Oranges, spinach, quinoa, broccoli.

   Looking toned is the way to be this season, getting fitter is sure way to look and feel attractive. Start by giving your self 20-30 minutes a day, if you can't go to gym then start with a skipping rope at home. Go up to 100-200 depending on your strength do some basic stretches and don’t forget to meditate (be quiet and sit in isolation and reflect on your thoughts) it relaxes your face muscles and brings a serene look.

Tip: walk while you talk on mobile.

   Do our own fetch and carry job, makes your lower body muscles stronger each time you stand up. Hold your abdominal muscles while sitting or standing, tone your stomach. Deep breathing relaxes whole body and aids in good sleep which will in turn help towards a fab skin and balancing hormones. Get a tan, tanned bodies look more toned and fitter. After you get all complements on the D-day and you have had your share of fun with foods don’t forget to follow this routine it not only helps you look good always but gives you good health forever. Have fun life is to have fun (but sensibly).

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietician. Your questions and suggestions are welcome at: For more information log on to and

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