Keep your tongue in Check!

Article submission, Thursday 31st January 2008


This is an effort to make my readers self sufficient and get them to take charge of their health. Here are the most common bodily signs to look out for to assess the state of your wellbeing. Always keep a close check on these indicators and you’re on a sure path to good health.

Lets begin with:

The Tongue

It is the most important indicator of health as it usually shows the signs of ill health much ahead of the actual symptoms of any disease, its window to many organs. The extreme tip correlates to the heart; the bit slightly behind is the lungs. The rights side shows the gallbladder’s work and left one of the livers. The middle indicates the stomach condition and spleen, the back, the kidney, intestine, bladder and womb.

*NOTE: A healthy tongue should be smooth, supple and slightly moist. It should be pale red in colour with a very thin white film.

When in malice check for cracks,ravines, coatings (yellow, furry, thick, white, black or brown),lines, swelling, patches or cuts.

Crack in middle not reaching the tip seems harmless but if you have one, it shows weak intestine and stomach or digestion not being 100% which mean either you could be nutrient deficient or have bloating and are not energized as one should be.Suggest white millet, avocados, and rice.

Teeth marks around the side of tongue shows digestion problem as well as spleen weakness which could mean bloating and gas. Suggest you to eat more carrots, fennel, sweet potatoes, yams, ginger, and oats.

A sore tongue is sure sign of a nutrient deficiency mostly B-complex Vitamins and iron. Suggest you take supplements of both or drink milk and yogurt along with some fruits.

Burning tongue shows that stomach is not producing the gastric juices sufficiently. Try taking Swedish bitters, it increases the gastric secretions and ginger will help also.

Swollen tongue or thick white coating indicates too much mucus in the body or lack of gut flora or increased yeast. it would be better to cut down on all dairy products and take acidophilus powder or capsules.

Cracks may be due to malabsorption so B-Complex vitamins would be required along with Herbal teas plus Aloe Vera juice is also helpful.

Thick yellow coating suggest excess heat in the gut and sluggish bowels.Take it easy or you’ll burn your self. Cucumber, ginger, radish, sage and chamomile tea, also aloe vera juice also helps along with some healthy satvik food.

Red tip indicates too much emotional stress or upset, this may affect all the organs eventually and stagnate your inner energy. Forgive and forget is the key along with B-Complex and zinc and chromium supplements, Bhrami and Siberian ginseng will also help as well as Cabbage, brown rice and jaggery is very helpful.

Next month some more indicators of health and organs till than keep a check on your tongue both literally and other wise to avoid all problems!

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it. Your questions and suggestions are welcome at:

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