Do you get enough water?

Article submission, Tuesday 22nd February 2007

Water facts


In its natural desalinated state, water is colourless, odourless plus has zero calorific value and yet its properties and importance cannot be undermined. Its hard to imagine a simple molecule comprised of 2 hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom, made every single life form possible. Water comprises of 70% of the surface of our globe. Of this amount 97% is ocean, the remaining 3% is desalinated freshwater, however 75% of that is held in polar ice! Therefore that leaves us with less than 1% available for consumption. Or does it? If you look at the pie graph below you will see how much is really available for us to consume.

freshwater usage chart


Water, the commodity without which life on earth would be surely impossible. We could talk endlessly about all our bodily needs, and that goes just not for us humans but all of life on this planet. But this one element alone cannot be argued against as being the most important (next to air) that we need. It is estimated that our need is so great for this that even 1 week of abstinence would prove detrimental if not fatal to our whole physiology with a net result of death itself.

Water for the rest of us

water splash
Given all the stats, I'd say it comes as no surprise that we are all by body mass composed mainly of 66 - 70% water. In fact we need lots of it to keep us not only feeling good, but also looking good as well especially as far as our skin is concerned. Amongst many of its importance's it is also necessary for digestion and absorption of food, it maintains muscle tone and is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells, eliminating waste from our bodies and is responsible for regulating body temperature. Hypotension or low blood pressure also benefits from sufficient quantities of drinking water. In fact it determines the very quality of life itself.

water drop

Effects of dehydration

Apart from the obvious, that is you feel thirsty any prolonged period of water abstinence can result in chronic pains in joints arising into inflammatory conditions, muscles, back pains, headaches and constipation. Inadequate volumes in the bloodstream result in vessels selectively decreasing in diameter. One main cause of blood volume loss is insufficient water. One important point here is that you could be suffering from dehydration LONG before you actually feel thirsty!

How to avoid dehydration

  • Drink at least 8 glasses a day
  • Drink your water slowly and be sipping it through the course of the day.
  • Always drink before, during and after exercise.
  • Have a container of water handy with you at all times, especially when traveling in the car and on planes.
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption as they contribute to dehydration.
  • Water should have a pH level range of 8 - 10 and contain a healthy composition of ionic minerals.

One rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in `ounces' every day. Therefore if you weigh 160 pounds you would benefit by drinking 80 ounces of water a day.

A question of pH balance

pH balance (acid - alkaline measurement) is a critical issue. Our blood maintains itself at a pH7 (or neutral) level, along with all bodily fluids. It is in fact the ideal environment. It makes sense then if we are 66 - 70% composed of water we should be consuming water that has its normal pH7 level, which is not always the case. If it is to deviate at all on pH it should be higher (alkaline) as opposed to lower (acidic). Other factors resulting in an acidic environment include:

1.Ingesting foods which have an acidifying effect like processed meats, or excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol and coffee.
2.Pathogens and microbes proliferating can produce toxic acidic waste and as the body becomes more acidic it encourages the growth of further bad bacteria and yeasts.

Not all acids are the same, some are weak whilst others are stronger. Citric acid for example is far easier to remove from the body than say uric acid. The body's backup system is to buffer itself by storing it in fats or to eliminate it through the breath, and if levels get to high then problems can arise. This can bring about fatigue or experiencing low energy levels, weight gain, poor digestion, aches and pains and even accelerate the aging process.

So in conclusion drinking filtered negative ion mineralised alkaline water will impact your health in many ways, drinking water in this state is one of the cheapest pro-active decisions to better health and wellness than you could imagine. A good quality water filter is not an expense but an investment in your ongoing health. The other option is to spend a fortune on maintenance drugs for system problems later on in life. Its simply a matter of choice thats all.

So remember, water and wellness are real bed buddies, so make sure you do get enough.

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