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Article submission: Wednesday 24th January 2007

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Not nutrition related but definitely health related so it’s something special and interesting and after tremendous success of Yoga around the globe. It would be sensible to bring it into our homes too. Yoga is not just an educational process, it is something that will help your child to become more aware, more intellectual, and the most important feel happy and satisfied internally. It’s a complete spritio-educational
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process that many degrees and much money (material) would not give.

In this rat race where parents are putting so much pressure on the kids and expecting too much yoga will definitely help kids to take control and achieve not only of their life but also the surrounding distractions and achieve much more than imagined. It expands the
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intellect and helps to build the capacity to absorb knowledge and not forgetting that with a positively active mind comes a positively active body which is fit and can over come the biggest challenges of our time OBESITY and TELEVISION.

A child during the formative years till teens is high in physical energy and mental activity a state where impressions are made and become the blue prints which remain for life so this is the ideal time to give positive inputs.By nature child is hyperactive and therefore standing asanas will help; they will also help to develop both sides of the brain as standing asanas and also balancing asanas where both sides of the body are used equally.

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Tadasana, Urdhavamukh namaskarasana, Tarasana, Vrikshasana, Garudasana, Parvatasana, Trikoneasana, Ardhchandrasana. These asanas aid physical growth, mental stability, co-ordination, harmony and balance; the hyper-mind gets diverted into physical activity and inculcates self discipline.

As we grown ups experience some physiological changes when we are angry, afraid or pleased so do children experience but learning yoga at an early age will help them take charge of their emotions and uncontrollable behaviors will come under manageable limits.

Yogamudrasanaq, chaturanga dandasana, Adhomukha, Vrikshasana,Tolasana, Dhruasana Simhasana, Gorakshasana, Kukkutasana and Kumarasana develope positivity in children. The postures soothe and quieten the mind and bring change in overall behaviour.

The problem of short attention span (SAS) can be overcome by practicing simple deep breathing techniques. The recitation of `O' while taking the breath out from mouth slowly and then closing the mouth with humming sound of `M' while ending is a good way of taking control of the breath and feeling peaceful and joyous you can use your name also if you are uncomfortable with `OM'. The buzzing bee sound (bhramari Pranayam) is helpful in SAS.

Another method for an efficient mind is to make the child count numbers in reverse order or alphabet in reverse order this way the right and left hemisphere of the brain are well matched and coordinated. Balance focuses clarity which can be achieved. Even working with both hands will be helpful.

Other helpful asanas are Lolasana, Chakrasana, Padmasana and Kapotasana.
To increase concentration and memory staring continuously at a flame of burning candle is very beneficial or even focusing on a particular point or object can help Reading is definitely helpful but listening to stories is much more helpful to younger kids as it helps them develop imagination and visualization skill.

Nothing on earth can be over without food so after following everything satvic food is also very important for a calm mind.

Tamasic foods

Are foods that are stale overly cooked without nutrition such foods should be avoided as they will give bad thoughts and negative behaviour.

Rajasic foods

Are basically rich foods (gravy’s and heavy spices, sugars etc) type that lead to indulgence and then lead to obesity and laziness and aggression?

Satvic foods

Are light, nutritionally rich cooked very lightly or uncooked, food that is not warmed many times This type of foods give positive energy and good thoughts, Such food is recommended not only for kids but everyone.

Above information is given in good faith however for any diseased condition please consult physician or dietitian before starting it.Your questions and suggestions are welcome at:


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