Glyconutrition technology and the sweet code of life

Article submission, Sunday 2nd September 2007

Many by now would be aware of the importance of good quality nutritional supplements to support our everyday diet, however the newly emerging variety called glyconutrients are lesser commonly known but however are of equal importance. It is because of this we have set up an individual hub page to cover them hopefully in more detail as well as including supplementary information that needs to be given.
Although glyconutrients are a relatively new discovery they will in time prove without question to be the most important for supporting human health. The word itself is derived from the Greek word `glyco' meaning sweet. However some glyconutrients are not sweet at all. They are so called because these particular nutrients come under a group of plant chemicals called `saccharides'. A saccharide is simply a chemical name for sugars.

So why are they so important?

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It has now been discovered that these monosaccharides bond with lipids (fat molecules) as well as with amino acids (protein molecules) to form anywhere from the small to very long chain molecules of varying complexity. Healthy cells are literally coated with these `hair like structures' connected or anchored to the cells (lipid) membrane outer wall via countless mannose `connector molecules'. Such cells are called `glycosylated'(as can be seen in the image to the left). These various glycoforms depending upon both their `shape' and amino acid, lipid and saccharide configuration are used as a communication conduit between themselves and other cells they connect with. A healthy cell can also detect a potential threat or attack via such communication in time to defend itself.

Here is a list of a few simple definitions:

  • Glyconutrients - eight known monosaccharides necessary for cell to cell communication.
  • Glycoproteins - glyconutrients bonded to protein.
  • Glyconutritional - a dietary supplement designed to provide glyconutrients.
  • Glycoforms - any of several different glcosylated variants of a specified glycoprotein.
  • Glycosylated - the presence of one or more sugars added to form a glycoprotein.

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